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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Above Earth, Abscissor and Abscission of Light, Absides (Absis), Accidental Dignity, Acronichal (Acronycal; Acronychal; Acronical), Adept, Adverse Aspect
Above Earth
For astrological purposes the phrase Above Earth refers to the position of a ruling planet when it is situated higher than the Earth's horizon. Sometimes the ascendant celestial body is noted to be above the other planets, for example if it is located in the 7th to 12th Houses of a birth chart. This positioning is described as an Above Earth location and is considered a favorable one for Astrology analysis. Wherever these particular coordinates are seen in a reading it will usually signify that positive and powerful influences are at work.
Abscissor and Abscission of Light
These terms are mostly used in Horary Astrology where the Astrologer's aim is to consult a horoscope for the precise time the question was asked. Abscissor means extraction and is the name for a killing planet that prevents astrological aspects and culminations with other planets forming. It is believed to 'cut off' the light and influence by removing the nearby planet's ability to connect and interact. Abscission of Light is the term used to describe the extracting action and the quite forceful interference of these killer planets.
Absides (Absis)
This word comes more from Astronomy than Astrology but it is used in an astrological sense to describe axis points on an orbitary path. Absides are derived from Apsis which means the higher or lower positions of an irregular orbital movement. The highest point is thought to be farthest from the center of attraction. The lowest coordinates are believed to be the nearest centrally and so are often the most influential. The line that is measured passes through the longest area of the arc shaped Abside in order to determine the central spot.
Accidental Dignity
Planets are said to be stronger when they are seen in dignities which are particular areas of a natal chart. A planet's location by house or one with an increase in light, speed, elevation or aspects is called an Accidental Dignity. These can have a significant effect in readings and are important to note. Dignities, especially Accidental are believed to diminish the power of unfavorable planetary influences and boost the authority of the more beneficial. In astrological interpretations these accidental dignities will signify and reinforce strengths.
Acronichal (Acronycal; Acronychal; Acronical)
The Greek word akronychos meaning sunset is the origin of the use of the term Acronichal, as the point opposite the position of the Sun in Astrology. It was one of the main phrases the ancient people used to describe the ascent and descent movements of stars in their observations of the skies. They used these as measurements of the length of a year by what we now class as Acronical Rising and Acronical Setting monitoring. When a celestial body rises following sunset or sets before sunrise it is in its most favorable position for viewing.
From the Medieval Latin adeptus that means one who has attained the word Adept was formed. Today it means a skilled, proficient person who is an expert at what they do. In Astrology it implies someone who has conscious mastery of esoteric understanding and it's techniques. Astrologer's are said to be Adept if they assimilate and communicate this mystical information with ease and great accuracy. For astrological matters it is usually associated with good changes overcoming bad transformations and so seen as a sign of mind winning over matter.
Adverse Aspect
Within a person's Astrology birth charting geometric measurements exist between the different planet positioning. These are called Aspects and can show the combined influences of two planets that are close together. Adverse Aspect is the term given to describe a positional combination that is not favorable and will result in opposing forces. As Aspects can have a significant influence on personality formation they can be of great importance. As the human persona is flexible bad aspects can be worked upon enabling the individual betterment.
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