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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Iamblichus, Iatromathematics, IAU, Immersion, Impedited, Imum Coeli, Inconjunct
Iamblichus of Apamea was a Syrian Neoplatonic Philosophist who along with Proclus and Porphyry found some of their ideas compatible with Astrology. They were fascinated by the cultural importance and adaptability of astrological concepts. Iamblicous is best known for his influential work The Mysteries covering religions and their association with divination. In it he says 'there is one correct definition and principle for all forms of divination and it has nothing to do with diving the future with things that lack foreknowledge'. He believed that we should view from the perspective of the Gods who held the entire knowledge of reality.
Iatromathematics is an ancient system that applies and includes astrological thought to areas of medicine. In Astrology it is utilized mostly to study timing and concerns over health. The method of Iatromathematics connects parts of the body and diseases with the 12 signs of the zodiac and the influence of planetary forces. For example Aries the Ram is associated with the head while Pisces the Fishes is connected to our feet. In this astrologically based theory the Sun is believed to emphasize the heart, the Moon the stomach and the planet Venus focuses on the throat and kidneys.
The IAU is the International Astronomical Union and it is significant in astrological study for the information it provides. It acts as an internationally recognized authority on celestial bodies and their designations. The IAU is split into divisions, commissions, program and working groups. For Astrology data the 2nd to 8th divisions within this organization concentrate on the most useful facts. They deal with the Sun, Heliosphere, planetary systems and sciences as well as stars, matter, galaxies and the Universe. These sections of the IAU always prove insightful to Astrologers.
This term is an astronomical term used in Astrology and is applied to the Sun and Moon's position as it enters an eclipse stage. Immersion is seen at the beginning of one celestial bodies passage behind the other when it creates a shadow. In astrological study Immersion is also sometimes called an Ingress. It is a good representation of how strongly a nearby planet, sign or house can be affected by being immersed in a positional shadowed light. An immersion viewed in a natal chart will have a significant impact and effect in the section it lies in and relates to.
This word is used in Astrology to describe a planet that has been restricted in it's natural motion and influence. This impedited state occurs when the celestial body is in a weak position or without a strong dignity. An example is the Moon when it is oppressed by the Sun, or either of the planets of Mars and Saturn. Impedited comes from the Latin impedire roughly translated as 'to shackle or snare the feet'. It is defined as being to retard in movement or progress by way of obstructions or hindrances. This perfectly explains it's effect when planets are in these certain positions and their astrological power is weakened.
Imum Coeli
Imum Coeli is the name given to one of the four prominent crossing angles seen in a birth chart also known as the Nadir. The other three are the Ascendent, Descendent and Midheaven and all these guiding points are significant in horoscope analysis. The Imum Coeli is located on the North lower area of a natal map in line with the 4th house cusp. It is sometimes symbolized as the letters IC and occasionally referred to as a quincunx aspect. This particular major angle can provide valuable information concerning a person's inner sense of self and their identification with their environment.
This term is used in Astrology to illustrate an instance of an aspect formation involving planets that are around 150 degrees away from each other. Inconjunct is another name for Quincunx and indicates that the planetary positions are not moving down in the same direction and so not mutually aspected. By being inconjunct a planet, house, star or zodiac sign disassociates itself with the other and does not form the relationships and influences usually formed. Inconjunct is also the astrological description of a Waxing Moon as it emerges from it's new Moon status to full.
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