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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Increasing, Inferior Planets, Infortunes, Ingress, Intercepted, Interfector, Invisible Planets
This word has many international origins, it comes from the French encreiss, the Latin increscere and the English incresen. Today it has the same 'to grow' meaning and is defined as growing larger or greater or augmenting. In Astrology Increasing is used as a description in lots of areas especially in relation to an increase in light, angles and motion. When the Moon is waxing it is described as increasing in light. When a planet is moving quicker than the day before it is said to be swift and increasing in motion or number. Zodiac planets are noted as increasing in light and influence as they travel and move position from the Sun's conjunction to the opposite side.
Inferior Planets
For astrological purposes the term Inferior Planets refers to those without the benefit of orbiting in the full illumination of the Sun. These planets include the Moon, Mercury and Venus and are sometimes also termed Indifferent. Their power and influence is assumed to be weaker than that of superior planets like Mars and Jupiter. Inferior planets can be more revealing than superior ones however as they have 4 stages rather than just full and gibbous. Their first quarter matches the time of the longest Western directed lengthening and the third quarter coincides with the maximum Eastern located length.
Infortunes is an alternative name for malefic or ingress planets and zodiac signs in astrological speak. The best known infortunes are considered to be the celestial bodies Saturn and Mars and sometimes Uranus and Pluto. The newly discovered Ceres has also been labeled as an infortune. The word is from Middle English and was translated from the Latin infortunium. The star signs regarded as infortune are the cardinal signs that harmonize with the start of the four seasons. These are the Sun signs of the Fire sign Aries and the air sign Libra, Cancer a Water sign and Capricorn representing the Earth signs.
Ingress is the term used in Astrology to indicate the entry of a celestial form into a sign or quadrant in a birth reading. When a planet ingresses towards the beginning of any of the 12 star signs or houses it must do so at zero degrees to be classed as an ingress. The Sun enters the cardinal signs creating an ingress at equinox and solstice times. All ingresses cause alterations in the power of the planets, houses and signs involved. This word is from the Latin ingressus meaning going in and commencing and this describes completely the action that an ingress performs as it infiltrates.
Intercepted is the term given to an astrological planet, star or house enclosed between but not on the cusps of a house. If one house is displayed within another house on a birth chart, frequent in far North and South latitudes this is also termed as being an Intercepted position. Zodiac signs can be deemed intercepted if they do not cross a house cusp, are opposite each other or seen in pairs. A sign interception is more common in a hot or cold latitude or when a solstice sign is ascending. Planets within intercepted signs are believed to be a secondary influence.
This is one of the names allocated to a planet that has the strong capability of disrupting the influences of other planets or stars. It is sometimes called a killing or destroying planet and sometimes refered to in Astrology as Anareta or Maraka. Every birth chart generally has a few of these killer plants and they help determine the influential power of other nearby planetary forces. They can have a significant effect on the positivity of any other celestial bodies in their path and have been known to sometimes greatly reduce or reverse beneficial positions.
Invisible Planets
Invisible planets in Astrology are generally those outer planetary forms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Uranus is an exception to the rule as though it can be viewed with a powerful telescope it is not regarded as a visible planet. In Verdic Astrology Invisible planets are also called shadowy or shadowed. Their importance relates to the way they can radiate their authority as effectively as the other celestial bodies that can be seen. In ancient Hindu Astrology Rahu and Ketu are named Invisible planets who mythically 'swallow' the Sun and Moon initiating solar or lunar eclipses.
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