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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Hermes, Herschel, Hipparchus of Rhodes, Horary Astrology, Horoscope, Hours, House
In the English Dictionary Hermes is defined as the ancient Greek considered by his people to be the messenger of the Gods. His memorable name and some of his ideas and teachings in Astrology and Philosophy remain still in use today. Hermeticism is the study of Hermetic philosophy and Hermes Trigmegistus was the name given to a 'thrice great Hermes' a sage influential in ancient Egyptian times. Hermetic writings have provided great insight to many generations of curious individuals interested in early innovative astrological history and its various practiced methods.
Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel was born in 1738 and is known best for his discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781. He also discovered two of Uranus's satellites and two more for Saturn. His exploration and ideas have helped progress astrological thought by adding to our understanding of each planet's influential purpose. He personally believed that human discoveries were made with the aim of establishing the truths and validity contained within sacred texts. Herschel named the newly discovered Uranus 'George's Star' to honor his King at the time George the Third.
Hipparchus of Rhodes
Hipparchus of Rhodes was a Greek Astronomer whose many planetary discoveries and the invention of Trigonometry have proved very important in Astrology. He was the first person to hypothesize that the Earth rotated on an axis and to calculate its diameter. At the time he lived it was believed that the stars seen in the sky were fixed objects. Hipparchus of Rhodes discovered hundreds of stars in his lifetime and created a catalogue of these celestial bodies for future reference. His recorded observations and positioning were utilized by Ptolemy to help build his central Earth model of the Universe.
Horary Astrology
The word Horary is thought to have been derived from the Latin hora meaning 'hour'. Today it means pertaining to or indicating an hour or hours. Horary Astrology comes from a system developed by William Lilly in the 17th Century so it only involves planets that had been discovered at that time. This branch of Astrology is concerned with specific moments in time and involves the asking of a question. The answer will be obtained from the interpretation of the meaning and influence of planetary positioning and angles at the exact time that the question is asked.
The word Horoscope originates from the Greek horoskopos meaning marker of the hour and refers to Natal Astrology. A Horoscope has many variations and many different names including astro or star chart, zodiac map and astrological birth analysis. Today we use this kind of cosmic prediction for analyzing personalities and forecasting possible events. Many people find modern horoscopes useful for inspiration, motivation and assessing compatibility with others. They present a brief or detailed insight into sections of time believed to be influenced by planetary motion.
A Hour today is regarded as a 60 minute period of Earth time and is the method we use for astrological calculations. Hours are an important consideration in any form of Astrology assessment as timing can make the difference between the power of positional settings in birth readings. Many terms and methods in Astrology relate to the hour. For instance an Hour Circle forms perpendicular to the celestial equator and an Hour Marker is another word for the first house in a person's horoscope. Planetary hours are divided into sections to coincide with Earth time set to our seasons.
A House in Astrology is one of 12 ecliptically lined divisions found on an individual's birth chart that will reveal where energies are destined. The planet that falls within a House will influence that particular area of personality or fortune. Houses can be angular, succedent or cadent and have been assigned both celestial and zodiac sign rulers. Each house discloses a different portion of the possible positive and negative attributes of a person's likely character and fate. The Equal House System is popular with novice Astrologers as it is easy to understand.
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