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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Face, Feminine Planets, Feminine Signs, Feng Shui, Fiery Element, Fifth House, Figure
This term was used in ancient Astrology by Ptolemy to describe a planet in a house situated left from the Moon or right from the Sun. If this planet then has the same amount of Houses as its sign he described it as being 'in its Face'. Modern astrological thought considers each Face or Decan as they are now known as to be, to measure 5 or 10 degrees each, and be either positive or negative. Each zodiac sign is believed to have up to 6 Faces in total with each having its own ruling planet. A Face can be active or receptive and is an essential dignity.
Feminine Planets
In Astrology the Moon and Venus are considered to be Feminine Planets that are favorable especially when seen together. These are receptive astrological influences that concentrate on emotional balance and comfort seeking. Venus is the planet of Desire ruled by Libra and will determine what things make a person happy. The Moon governed by the sign of Cancer and it represents our consciousness and the way we react when comfortable. Mercury is also regarded as a Feminine Planet too as it is thought to have both Feminine and Masculine significance.
Feminine Signs
Feminine signs in Astrology are the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. The star signs start with Aries a Masculine sign, followed by Taurus a Feminine sign and carries on alternating following this pattern. So half of the astrological signs are Feminine and they are those belonging to the Earth and Water element groups. The Feminine label does not refer to gender but associates these particular personalities with passivity and receptivity. These signs are thought to be nocturnal and also connected to Chinese Yin.
Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient type of Astrology that is based around Yin, Yang and five elements and concerns positive and negative energies. Wood is considered fresh and active, Fire represents warmth and energy and Metal symbolizes progress and persistence. Earth is thought to stand for stability while Water is regarded as the provider of wisdom and mental agility. The concept behind Feng Shui is to attempt to maintain complete harmony between all the mind and body elements. In recent years this sort of early astrological ideology has become quite popular.
Fiery Element
A Fiery or Fire Element is one of the 4 elements referred to when discussing Astrology star sign characteristics. The elements add to the understanding of typical personality types and Fire is believed to focus on the energy and activity of an individual. The 3 Fire signs are Aries who is typically dynamic, Leo who is conventionally warm hearted and Sagittarius who has a usual love of freedom. These enthusiastic person traits are known due to the influence of the Fiery Element that is also capable of shedding a little light and warmth in darker areas.
Fifth House
Houses in Astrology have meanings that correspond and compliment the personality and fate of different Sun signs. The Fifth House is concerned with creative interests, personal relationships and children. When it is viewed in a natal chart it can explain how you express yourself especially in the areas of procreation and recreation. The Fifth House is thought to be representative of the extensions of your inner self. It can show how you possibly react with, and appreciate people, and also the things you are likely to consider as beautiful.
This term is used in Astrology to apply to the pattern created by the varied arrangement of planet positions in a birth chart. Figure comes from the Latin word figura roughly translated as 'shape'. It is used to represent a diagram or illustration and so is an apt name for the schema structure of a horoscope. It is an important method to be able to make quick references to any sextiles, squares, trines and oppositions. A Figure can be constructed by sign or degree and has many other names including Geniture, Map, Mirror of Heaven, Scheme or Nativity.
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