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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Tertiary Progression, Testimony, Tetrabiblios, Tetragon, Thema Mundi, Theosophical Society, Third House
Tertiary Progression
Tertiary Progression is an astrological term for a predictive technique that views a person's birth date in an alternative way. This system calculates either one Earth day or a single year to represent one lunar or synodic month of an individual's life on a natal wheel. Tertiary Progression's can be calculated for the positions of the slower moving planets Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and sometimes for Jupiter. In Astrology a Tertiary Progression map can give extra insight into someone's emotional inclinations and their possible motivating influences. These progressions based on the Moon's movement are thought best to consult for short term detailed analysis.
In Astrology the word Testimony relates to a partial judgment based on the presence and measurement of certain sets of astrological conditions. These are considered as the influences of planets by their sign and house, and the strengths of their positions and aspects. It can also apply to some configurations of celestial bodies in a Figure formation. The combination of a number of different testimonies makes up what is regarded as a judgment. As planetary forces can assume the influence of another by this type of culmination Testimony analysis can provide detailed insights.
Tetrabiblios is the most influential work ever written in relation to Astrology. It is also the oldest surviving texts and authored by the Greek mathematician Ptolemy. It contains details about all the astrological works and concepts from all around the world. The contents of the Tetrabiblios have provided a fantastic reference point that has had very few modifications and is still relevant today. The Tetrabiblios is also known as the Quadrapartitium or the Four Books. The main thinking of planetary influences on human personality and fate comes from the pages of these unique volumes.
A Tetragon is a 4 angled shape in Geometry but in Astrology it is the name given to a 90 degree square aspect. A Tetragonous square aspect is formed when two celestial bodies are distant from each other by a quarter of the zodiac 360 degree circle. Tetragons are considered to be Major aspects and so can be very revealing when seen within natal assessments. These planetary positional points are thought to highlight possible obstacles in a person's life. They can also be an indication of where an individual should concentrate their energies to overcome them. This particular aspect's appearance focuses on strength and motivation of character.
Thema Mundi
The Thema Mundi is an ancient chart that positions the astrological planets in the positions supposed at the beginning of the world. Rather than Aries as the 1st zodiac sign, as in Western Astrology teachings, Thema Mundi places Cancer as the Ascendant. It also regards the Moon as being the most dominant influence in our character and destiny rather than the Sun. This birth chart of the World is consulted in Hellenistic Astrology for its alternate illustration of the sign and positional rulerships. Thema Mundi study suggests in its alternative view that human nature is less aggressive than thought and much more nurturing.
Theosophical Society
The Theosophical Society, or TS as it is known, was founded by H P Blavatsky and colleagues in 1875 in New York. It was established to promote and develop the study of both ancient and modern science, religion and philosophy ideas including the exploration of the hidden inner nature of mankind. The Theosophical Society has had a huge influence on astrological interest and it's development and many professional astrologers are active members. Their aim to investigate unexplained powers present in our surroundings and within ourselves has advanced the progression of all esoteric ideology.
Third House
The Third House in a person's natal chart is often referred to as one of all types of communication and expression. It is the area within a birth configuration setting where an individual's perception of their environment is emphasized. The Third House is cadent and ruled by Gemini the sign of the twins and additionally influenced by the planet Mercury. In addition to revealing expressive tendencies this section of someone's chart will also reveal any siblings. If the person has a brother or sister born closely before or after them the Third House will usually indicate this quite clearly.
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