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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Rahu, Radix, Rapt, Rashi, Rays, Reception, Rectification
In Indian Astrology the North Node of the Moon is named the Dragon's Head, Caput Draconis or Rahu after the immortal mythical demon. The head of the creature was called Rahu while his tail is referred to as Ketu. Rahu is a representation of the Northern ascending point of the Moon and has been connected with initiating eclipses. This particular node has also been associated with temptations and retributions. In a natal placement the position of Rahu and its influence is viewed as the finalizer of cycles. Rahu can replace things or take them away in connection with the other surrounding planetary, sign or house actions and behaviors.
Radix is the Latin name for a Natal Chart and the word comes from the Greek rhiza meaning root. This is an excellent title to describe a birth map as it emphasizes the significance of a main informational base to work from. From the roots and expanse of the Radix we are able to interpret complex planet, sign and house positions for character assessment and predictive purposes. Anything that has connections with this 'root', determined by date and time of birth, is considered 'radical' and can be used for interpretation. Without the Radix as a guide many people would be unaware of their typical characteristics and possible well starred opportunities.
The word Rapt in Astrology is used to describe the effect of planetary and directional motions that are equally distant. A Rapt Motion is a diurnal action with movement occurring from an East to a West direction. The celestial bodies carried by Rapt Motion heading towards the meridian or horizon at equal distance are said to be Rapt Parallels. These pair of aspects are measured from where the horizon point is elevating. This distinguishes them from altitudes that are calculated in declination. A Rapt Parallel is considered to have a similar effect to that of a strong conjunction in a birth chart.
Rashi is the name used in Indian Astrology to identify a person's Moon sign. The Sanskrit name is believed to have been derived from its meaning of 'cluster of' and refers to the group of planets and stars in the zodiac. Someone's Rashi is the sign that the Moon was positioned in at the time of their birth. They are considered important as it is thought that the Moon is the main influence ruling over personality traits and inner emotions. The rising sign in a Rashi natal chart is called a Langa-rashi and this may highlight our five senses as well as the perceptive 6th sense some individual's seem to possess.
Rays in Astrology are energies of will that stream through a triangular formation of 3 fixed stars. Pleiades, Polaris and Sirius form an acute triangle between Taurus at 29 degrees and Cancer at 13 degrees. The 1st Ray concerns purpose, the 2nd love and wisdom and the 3rd concentrates on intellect. The 4th Ray is thought to create harmony from conflict, the 5th is all about knowledge and the 6th about idealism. The 7th and final Ray is one of formal order. The first 3 Rays are known as Rays of Aspect while the remaining 4 Rays are identified as Rays of Attribute. These are expressions of progress and are closely linked to the natal planets that are in declination.
This term in Astrology is used to explain the action of one planet 'receiving' another when it is not in its own ruling sign. The hospitality it is given is termed 'Reception' and if this is Mutual Reception it is deemed a favorable aspect. This planetary relationship is also known as Parivartan. The effect of Reception depends on the particular planets concerned and their areas of authority. Reception is thought to have different strengths reliant on the sign, triplicity, exaltation and other possibilities involved. It can be especially revealing when comparing two people's natal charts for compatibility purposes.
Rectification is the name for the method used when a person requiring a natal chart is not exactly sure of their time of birth. Most people will have an idea of the time, like morning or evening, but not everyone will be aware of their accurate arrival time on Earth. The word Rectification comes from the Latin words rectus and facere which roughly translated means 'make straight'. There are various different ways of calculating a birth time that require some background information about the individual. This will usually be an important life event that can be seen astrologically and gives a starting point time that can be worked from backwardly.
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