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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Refranation, Regiomontanus House System, Regulus, Reincarnation, Relationship Astrology and Analysis, Remedy, Retrograde
This word is a description of what occurs when two planets are in the process of applying an aspect that will not be completed. Refrantion happens when before completing the aspect one of the celestial bodies turns retrograde. By moving backwards temporarily this planet leaves the aspect incomplete. This can be an indication that anything that may be being negotiated will be prevented from reaching a conclusion. It is used commonly in Horary Astrology to indicate aspects failing to culminate following the retrograded motion preventing an influence forming. Refranation may signify areas in life that although possible will need hard work in order to be successful.
Regiomontanus House System
The 15th century German Astrologer Johan Muller developed the Regiomontanus House System to calculate births at high latitudes. It divides the zodiac circle into 3 and the North and South horizon points join at the trisection and can give reliable results for people born in Polar regions. The Regiomontanus House System uses equal divisions of the equator and locates cusps of Intermediate houses within 3 spatial sections. Although this method is not used often by Modern Astrologers it is thought to be just as good as Placidus in its accuracy and has printed tables for ease of use.
Regulus is one of the 4 Royal Fixed Stars along with Antares, Aldebaran and Formalhaut. This benefic star lies in 30 degrees of Leo and is also called the Lion's Heart, Basilicus or Cor Leonis. It is the brightest star in the group and its importance is emphasized due to Regulus's closeness to the path of the Sun. In a natal setting Jupiter in conjunct with Regulus is believed to be a very fortunate indicator of success, riches and power. It gives strength of spirit, ambition and independence. People with this particular star featured in their birth configuration are destined to hold positions of distinction and high trust.
Most Astrologers believe in Reincarnation of some kind as they understand the action of Karma and events that are only attributed to chance. Reincarnation is part of the rebirth process, after one life is over us human's are thought to reincarnate before beginning another. Plato believed that prior to reincarnation a person chooses a deity that will guide them through the next life. They are then led to the wheel of Necessity to the 3 Greek sisters known as the Fates. These were named Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos are thought to represent the Past, Present and Future respectively. Their part in reincarnation is considered to be the rearranging and preparing of new existences.
Relationship Astrology and Analysis
Astrology has two main areas of concentration that have the most requests for readings, these are Natal and Relationship charts. Analysis regarding the compatibility and future of a relationship can be performed astrologically by comparing 2 individual's birth maps. This is known as a Synastry interpretation and notes aspects between one person's chart and the others using the mid points. Although it is mainly performed for affairs of the heart and ascertaining the compatibility of 2 people, Relationship Astrology and Analysis can also be consulted in other matters. This can be anything that concerns a partnership of some kind.
There are astrological remedies believed to assist in diminishing unfortunate planetary birth influences in most forms of practiced Astrology. These involve using herbs, gems or placed objects and certain rituals or ceremonies. Probably the most interesting Remedy is the Mantra from Hindu Astrology that is the reciting of repeated sounds. This is said to generate a unique sound for each different part of the human body that is then connected to a particular and different planet. There are also Tantric melodies that can be utilized if the Mantra repeating is not effective. The Yantra is the 3rd Remedy able to be used over longer periods of time.
The word Retrograde is defined in the Dictionary as 'moving backward, retiring or retreating' and originates from the Latin retrogradus. It can be applied to all the planets in the zodiac with the exceptions of the Sun and the Moon who never go back in their orbital cycles. The action of Retrograde goes through 4 stages in it's arc. A planet firstly enters a pre first station point before being stationary for a while prior to beginning it's retrograding motion. Then in the next stage of the second station it's regressive movement is more direct. It then travels to the post second station, decreasing in longitude so ending the Retrograde action.
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