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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Quartile, Quantum Entanglement, Querent, Quesited, Quincunx, Quindecile, Quintessence
Quartile is another name for a major square aspect that is not as commonly used as the term Quadrate. Like any square angle in a birth chart a Quartile is sometimes considered a negative indication as it can present limitations or challenges. Depending on their actual position in a house or sign they may signify circumstances that will have numerous possible outcomes. Quartile's express the results of the battle between the two planets concerned. In astrological interpretations an individual with a number of Quartile aspects will often have the strength of character needed to be a high achiever in life.
Quantum Entanglement
The term Quantum Entanglement indicates the possibility of a scientific link between astrological and other previously unexplained actions at a distance. It concerns 2 objects that are not linked spatially but still respond to each other. Quantum Entanglement also demonstrates that things that are 'entangled' may behave in the same manner. In Astrology it is believed that there are Quantum Entanglements between celestial bodies, especially the Earth, Sun and Moon, and the human body. These entangle together to form the main basis of horoscope readings from an individual's date of birth. Einstein referred to this then unmeasureable entanglement as 'spooky action at a distance'.
The name Querent in Astrology is given to the person who asks the Astrologer a specific question in relation to their natal chart. This is a common request in Horary astrological analysis and it allows the examination of the most relevant areas in fine detail. When a Querent poses his or her question the answer will often be sought based on the exact time that the person asked. In this type of reading the 1st house represents the Querent's self and so is usually the first place to begin looking for answers. The Querent is encouraged to concentrate intently on the question while the reader inspects their chart for indications leading to an informative reply.
When a Querent asks a question in Horary Astrology they or their query can be referred to as the Quesited. The subject of a question or the information or advice sought by an individual is the most common use of the word Quesited. In a natal chart, to answer a question, there must be an aspect present that represents both the Querent and the Quesited. If there is the same planetary ruler for these two indicators then the Moon is chosen as a co-ruler of the ascending sign. Once the authorities of the person asking and the Quesited have been decided then these can be taken into account to determine a relevant reply.
The word Quincunx comes from the Latin and is thought to originate from Roman coins that were worth five twelfths and marked with a Quincunx of spots. The word was adopted by Astrology to represent an aspect of 150 degrees between 2 celestial bodies or separating a distance of 5 zodiac signs. This particular aspect is considered a minor and hard and it is believed to focus on adjustments and the opportunity to grow and develop. Quincunx aspects are also known as Inconjunct or Disasociated. In natal chart settings within planet and sign rulerships it can unite and adjust coordinates with no usual astrological connection.
The word Quindecile is an astrological description of a minor 24 degree aspect that is considered a favorable one. The name is roughly translated from the Latin for fifteen and these aspects of 24 degrees each dominate a 15th of the 360 degree circle of the zodiac. A Quindecile is classed as an easy, minor aspect and can be an indication of great determination but also a signal of disruption and delay. The number 15 is believed to bring harmony through adjustment so the appearance of a Quindecile in a house or sign can be a rejuvenating influence. This is emphasized when this aspect appears in a Cardinal sign or an Angular house.
This word is not frequently used in modern Astrology but it's ideology of it being the 5th element is still referred to. Quintessence in ancient philosophies is thought to be the most powerful of the elements as it the one that encompasses all the others. It is regarded a sort of spiritual constituent that binds together and brings alive all the other elemental forces. Quintessence has alternative names like Astral Light and some cultures believe it a representation of our unconscious thoughts. The name comes from the Medieval Latin words quinta and essentia jointly meaning the fifth essence.
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