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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Equinox, Esoteric, Ether, Event Astrology, Event Charts, Exaltation
An Equinox occurs twice yearly and with the Vernal Equinox announcing the arrival of Spring and the Autumnal Equinox marking the end of Summer. The word Equinox is Latin in its origin and thought to come from equinoxium meaning the time of equal days and nights. This is a perfect translation to describe exactly what an Equinox is. It is a phase rather than a period of time but it is a day and night of equal length. Equinoxes are known to initiate and mark the start of the astrological calendar year as the Sun enters the first zodiac sign of Aries.
The term Esoteric is sometimes applied to astrological concepts to illustrate their mystical, unscientifically explained accuracy. The word Esoteric originates from the ancient Greek esoterikos meaning 'belonging to an inner circle'. Today it is the group name for many branches of what are regarded as unexplained sciences that may have an association with the soul. There is also a particular kind of Astrology that focuses on and from the perspective of human souls. This is known as Esoteric Astrology and it inspects in reverse natal degrees, decants and duads and planetary influences, especially in the 1st house.
Ether is another name for quintessence or the fifth element to accompany Air, Water, Fire and Earth. It is sometimes also referred to as dark energy and ancient people believed it to be a component of the heavens and to be made up of all the elements combined. When used in Astrology it may be called Etheric Body or Plane and is perceived as a subtle energetic field that lies in between the representation of both the physical and astral world. Ether and Etheric objects are usually an indication of the combination of all our senses working together to create our levels of consciousness. Ether is mentioned in some of the earliest writings about astrological ideas.
Event Astrology
Event Astrology aims to focus on a specific timed event and explain it astrologically in more detail. This particular branch of Astrology, instead of concentrating on the time of birth as a central point, concentrates on the date, time and location of a certain event. If more than one person is involved in a situation their natal charts viewed together with Event Astrology techniques may be quite revealing. They can uncover the surrounding circumstances of an event, personal or worldly, and show a person's possible role in it and how their reaction to it will unfold. Event Astrology highlights influences and probable developments for further analysis.
Event Charts
Event Charts are used in Astrology to plot and focus on a particular date and time of something important happening. The interpretation of Event Charts falls under the category of Mundane Astrology and is utilized to analyze various situations. They have proved useful in the detection of crime, locating missing persons, predicting election or financial results and examining personal and business relationships. One of the most popular Event Charts is the First Meeting Chart focused on partnerships, this evaluates the 2 people's first impressions of each other. If these are both positive based on lunar aspects it signifies a good foundation.
In Astrology Exaltation is the term used to describe a planet that is situated in a specific harmonious spot. When planets are in Exaltation they are considered to be in one of the 5 essential dignities and so therefore more powerful in their influence. The 7 astrological planets have their exaltations in 1 zodiac sign. These are around the 19th degree of Aries for the Sun, 3rd degree of Taurus for the Moon, 15th degree of Virgo for Mercury and the 27th degree of Pisces for Venus. An exaltation for Mars is the 28th degree of Capricorn, Jupiter's is the 15th degree of Cancer and Saturn's is around the 21st degree of Libra.
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