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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Ucha, Umbra, Unaspected Planet, Undecile, Under the Sun's Beams, Universal Astrology, Universe
The word Ucha is thought to translate as 'topmost' and in Astrology it refers to a certain set of exaltation points of planets. Other names for these positional placements are Nicha, Mulatrikona or simply debilitation points. Ucha is an indication of the places where celestial bodies are able to exercise their best strength for the most intense effect. These favorable coordinates include the Sun at 10 degrees of Aries, the Moon at 3 degrees of Taurus and Mars at 28 degrees of Capricorn. They also comprise of Mercury at 15 degrees of Virgo, Jupiter at 5 degrees of Cancer, Venus located at 27 degrees of Pisces and the planet Saturn when situated 20 degrees of Libra.
Umbra is the name for one part of the Moon's or Sun's shadow that is cast during an eclipse with the Earth. The other 2 parts are called Antumbra and Penumbra but the Umbra is the darkest of these sections of shadowy cover. It can be an indicator of the source of a point when analyzing astrological data. The Umbra shadow is believed to indicate areas in a person's life where and when some form of transformation may occur. The sort of changes indicated by Umbra points may concern an individual's change of thought or surroundings. Their interpretation will relate in significance and relevance to the particular houses that they appear in.
Unaspected Planet
Within an astrological birth chart an unaspected planet is a rare sight and is sometimes referred to as being isolated. Planets do not enjoy isolation and when they find themselves unaspected their energy can waver between two extreme variations. Its strength and influence will either become much stronger or much weaker than when in a favorable position. Depending on the sign or house it falls in an unaspected planet tends to concentrate it's authority in that particular area. Rather than promote its own influences these lone planets can help reinforce the occupied house or sign's significance and meaning.
An Undecile is a minor aspect occuring when two celestial bodies appear to both be positioned an eleventh of the way around the zodiac circle. This particular aspect formation in astrological charts measures a planetary distance apart of around 32 to 33 degrees. Undecile aspects are traditionally associated with the 11th house and the 11th star sign of Aquarius. When seen in a person's birth map they can be indicators of heightened psychic intuition or scientifically minded ability. Undecile's, especially when appearing in the houses 3, 9, 10 and 11 concerning education, career choices, social status, adaptability, environment and emotions can be very revealing.
Under the Sun's Beams
In Astrology the term 'Under the Sun's Beams' refers to any planet appearing within 17 degrees of the Sun. Any planet in this position is thought to have a weakened influence and this is especially so at the point of 8 degrees and 30 minutes. A planetary body that is Under the Sun's beams is considered an essential dignity and was once regarded as an unfavorable positioning. Modern astrological ideology and methods place more importance on the surrounding influences. The effect of a planet Under the Sun's beams may still be described as a debility but the house placement and aspects it has will direct its significance.
Universal Astrology
Universal Astrology is a branch of Hellenistic prediction that deals with the forecasting of Earth weather and event phenomena. This type of Astrology is sometimes called Mundane as it concerns places rather than people. The name Universal Astrology is thought to have originated from Greek scholars wishing to differentiate it from personal horoscope insights. It has a long history beginning from the observations of the first ancient star studiers to today's digital Astro Cartography. Universal Astrology in many forms has been utilized for the prediction of natural disasters, war, industry and financial trend forecasts as well as presidential elections.
The Universe is central to the basic ideology behind all types of astrological interpretation. It is billions of years old and has constantly been observed by Man and recognized as being essential to our existence. The layout and workings of the Universe allow Astrologers to still identify with and interpret some of the oldest forms of Astrology from the ancient Hindu's, Greek's and Chinese. Our knowledge of the Universe never stops growing as we explore and study it further. Recent discoveries concerning the Universe have been that it continues to expand with the birth of new galaxies and the identification of such concepts as dark matter and dark energy.
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