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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Davison Relationship Horoscope, Decan (Decanate), Declination, Decreasing in Light, Degree, Delta T
Dark Energy and Dark Matter
In reference to Astrology Dark Matter and Energy have no great significance, other than their explanation of them being invisible forces that along with gravity, keep our Solar System together. Our massive Universe is believed to contain around 70% Dark Energy and about 2.5% Dark Matter. The Dark Energy is thought to help provide towards the astrological influential power of the moving planets. Dark Matter is mysterious and small in quantity but some people think it is a possible 4th dimension and may assist with the predictive side of Astrology.
Davison Relationship Horoscope
This is a special kind of horoscope analysis discovered by English Astrologer Ronald C. Davison in the 20th Century. It is not widely used but is extremely useful to be able to see the horoscopes of two people combined. These horoscopes do not show individual characters and destiny's, they interpret the way two individuals will behave when together. The Davison Relationship horoscope is based on the midpoint between 2 people's dates, times and places of birth. It can supply an informative insight into how personal partnerships work and why.
Decan (Decanate)
Decan comes from the Latin decanus and in Astrology refers to any of the equal 10-degree three subdivisions of each zodiac sign. Each subdivision, or Decan, covers a period of ten days within a sign and they are forecast due to the influence of minor planetary powers and elements. For astrological purposes they assist with understanding modifications in an individual's personality if they do not fit typical sign traits. The concept of Decan's is thought to have originated from ancient Egyptian astrologists aiming for more accuracy.
A Declination is described as meaning any sloping downward movement, decline, deterioration or deviation from a path. In Astrology this has significant relevance in illustrating the movement, influences and positioning of planets. It is the measurement in degrees of a planet's position North or South of the Equator. The North is referred to astrologically as the Tropic of Cancer and the South is known as the Tropic of Capricorn. The Sun's path is not very parallel with the Equator and so declinations are seen for the majority of the time.
Decreasing in Light
The term Decreasing in Light is used in Astrology to apply to any planetary body when it is passing a conjunction with the Sun. It happens most frequently when the planet is moving towards the Sun in the traditional order of the zodiac signs. This causes Decreasing in Light and is believed to weaken the influence of the planet concerned. Mercury and Venus are capable of this decrease of light and authority outside the usual zodiac hierarchy. If the Moon is less than 180 degrees in a clockwise direction from the Sun it is decreasing light or waning.
The zodiac is apportioned into 12 individual sections of 30 degrees each contributing to completing the astrological circle of 360 degrees. In Astrology Degree refers to the coordinated positioning of planets and can have an effect on the meanings and influences. One degree is believed to represent 60 minutes of Earth time. There are many types of 'degrees' in Astrology including Masculine, Feminine, Deep, Light and Dark. The degree in certain areas of birth charts can be useful in identifying the subtle differences between us as individuals.
Delta T
This is the name for the allowance of the drift in time that we experience on Earth due to fluctuations in our orbit. World time zones are calculated using Universal Time but the positions of the Sun and Moon are worked out using Terrestrial Time. For the accurate interpretation of horoscopes we require a time system that can take into account both types of time scale and this emerged as Delta T. This method of calculation allows for the differences and timing of eclipses and has been introduced to special programs for Astrology analysis.
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