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Astrological Definitions and their Meaning: Qi, Quadrants, Quality, Quadrate, Quadriform, Quadratures, Quarter
The name Qi is most frequently found mentioned in reference to life force energy in ancient Chinese astrological texts. Their belief is that there are 3 types of Qi concerning the Heavens, the Earth and us Humans that all interact to form the path of our destiny. Keeping each Qi working harmoniously with the other is the main concept behind the majority of Chinese influenced Astrology. The Heaven Qi consists of Planetary and Weather Qi while the Earth Qi is associated with energies, longitude, latitude and magnetism. The Human Qi is the channel believed to convey our memories, ideas, ego's and other personal sensitivities and traits.
For Astrology the heavens are divided up by the Meridian and Horizon lines into an equal four quarters. Each fourth of a natal chart is called a Quadrant and each encompasses 3 houses and refers to different areas of personality and possible future. The 1st quadrant includes the 1st, 2nd and 3rd house and deals with the self. The 2nd quadrant contains the 4th, 5th and 6th houses and concerns the expansion of awareness. The 3rd quadrant holds the 7th, 8th and 9th houses and centers on relationships. The 4th quadrant involves the houses 10, 11 and 12 and focuses on social and communicative areas. Quadrant strength is quite significant in a birth analysis.
A Quality is another name in Astrology for a Modality or Quadruplicity and it provides an added insight into personality variations. A Quality is attached to a sign in addition to its element type. The astrological qualities are Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable and each of the 12 zodiac signs is assigned one. They are important in birth chart interpretation to identify the little differences between typified characteristics. Cardinal signs are Aries Fire, Cancer Water, Libra Air and Capricorn Earth. The Fixed signs are Leo Fire, Scorpio Water, Aquarius Air and Taurus Earth. The Mutable signs are Sagittarius Fire, Pisces Water, Gemini Air and Virgo Earth.
The term Quadrate is used in Astrology to identify a 90 degree distant square aspect considered malefic. The word Quadrate comes from the Latin quadratus roughly translated to English as 'to make square'. A Quadrate is a major aspect that although regarded negative in its influence can also just be an indication of change. It's relevance depends on its position in each particular sign and house within a birth chart configuration. There is also a predictive technique called the Mystic Quadrate that uses a blend of the natal astrological, numerical and symbolic input to forecast horoscopes.
A Quadriform occurs when 2 planets in a 90 degree square aspect are also in an octile 135 degree angle to a 3rd planet. The combination of these three planetary positions creates energy and the tension created in the 2 square angled planets is vented via the third. This flow of generated conflicting energy will be constructive or destructive depending on the surrounding positive or negative influences. Quadriform is an aspect arrangement that has several other names that refer to it's 'topped' shape. These alternative names are for Quadriform are Arrowhead, Thor's Hammer and God's Fist.
The name Quadratures is used to describe the divisional phases or quarters of the Moon's illumination cycle. In Astrology the Quadrature is classed as a square aspect for the reading of natal charts. In this configuration with the Earth as a central point the half Moon stage is said to lie in Quadrature from our Sun, as it makes a right angle towards it. This aspect, also called a Mode, can be applied to other planets but is most often referred to when talking about the Moon. The word Quadrature originates from the Latin quadratura and these particular angular positions in an astrological analysis can reveal areas in need of action or change.
There are lots of quarters in all areas of Astrology in signs and planets and also in the seasonal divisions of our year. The word Quarter is a variation of the Latin quartarius thought to mean 'a fourth part'. It is explained in the dictionary as one of four equal parts that have been divided from the whole. The Quarter Day is the expression used to mark an Equinox or Solstice occurrence. A Quarter Moon is described as such when the Moon is seen from Earth as half light and dark in equal amounts. There are 4 elements significant in Astrology and 3 signs are each incorporated into a separate quarter of the zodiac wheel.
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