Birthday Horoscope August 6th

Birthday Horoscope August 6th


If your Birthday is August 6th and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on August 6th under the Zodiac sign Leo



August 6th Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 6th of August are conjectured to be intuitive, responsible and forward looking with the usual Lion need to be individualistic. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus bestowing you with an expressive pleasant nature alongside plenty of natural eloquence and wittiness. If you have this birthday you are usually highly sociable and intrigued by the unusual but may also be a tad nosy and generally fond of getting your own way too. Intelligent, innovative and creative in your thought processes and actions you tend to crave variety, be easily accepting of changes and welcome challenges. Cheerful, open and friendly you are likely to have a rebellious streak but this is accompanied by a social awareness and genuine concern for others. Individuals with an August the sixth birthday are destined to be naturally ambitious and as keen to learn as many new useful skills as possible.



August 6th Work and Finances

Work options needs to be captivating and stimulating to be suitable to a person born on August the sixth. It is essential that any job chosen matches and appeases your high levels of responsibility, independence and individuality. Your thoughtful attitude towards others could also dictate your career direction encouraging you to commonly favor the caring or customer service type professions. Despite being fairly sensible about the arrangement of your finances you are inclined to usually spend money as quickly as you make it. You will ordinarily enjoy spending sprees and discovering a good bargain.



August 6th Personal Relationships

For a Leo, the person born on the sixth day of August is typically full of magnetic charm and rarely short of company and companionship. You really dislike solitude and possess a strong yearning for love, affection and intimate closeness. Generous, romantic and enthusiastic you are rather sensual with a preference for making love in lavish, comfy settings as this ignites and intensifies your passionate side. A perfect partner must be able to cope with your demands emotionally and offer you lots of attention, approval and appreciation. They must in addition share your stylish tastes and admiration of beauty, luxury and harmony. Once you are committed to a soul mate you are willing to put everything into making a long term relationship successful. There is a touch of sentimentality regarding loved ones within your loveable, kind and dependable temperament.



August 6th Health

Retaining the tip top healthiness normally experienced by those born on August 6th is assisted by your necessity to look and feel great. In spite of this desideratum you can sometimes diminish your potential energies with the bad habits of overindulging in your favorite foods and succumbing to your proneness to become swiftly addicted to things like alcohol and tobacco. People born on this day should try and keep an extra eye on your possible health weak spots of teeth and bones. Getting the right amount of Calcium in your diet may be important as well as attending regular dental appointments.



August 6th Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are seen in your intuition and eloquent wit, this interesting originality accentuates your brilliant intellect and talented creativity. A keenness for furthering knowledge and your sincere regard for the feelings of others are supplementary positive fortes. The principal personality weakness for those born on August 6th is your probability to be prone to nosiness once in a while. Other weaknesses often evoked by emotional disturbances include the tendencies for periods of short term disillusionment and on occasion displaying reckless or anti-social behaviors.



August 6th Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 6th of August means that emotional happiness and security are likely to be some of your top priority goals. Although you have belief in your own abilities to achieve aspirations this is often enhanced by the offer and acceptance of added support and encouragement from family and friends. Your artistic flair can leak through into your dreams making them usually somewhat fantasized or featuring relaxed atmospheres and luxurious surroundings. Your attraction to anything different can occasionally motivate you to dream and wish for the opportunity to do something exceptionally exciting or meaningful in life.



August 6th Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the sixth day of the month your birth date number gives you a special Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the related keyword 'Social' identifying your agreeable witty disposition and sense of community spirit. In the mystical art of Tarot the 6th Major Arcana card symbolizing the Lovers is associated with your birthday. This signifies your lusty libido and receptiveness to flattery and pampering. The lucky gem for August the sixth birthday is Turquoise, wear this precious stone for a calmness of body and mind and to absorb negativity.



August 6th Horoscope Summation

The Sun's influence is thought to astrologically predict the probable typified personalities of all Leo's. The actual day you were born on, the sixth of August is governed by the celestial body Venus's powerful authority. These above-named combined planetary influences help decide the probabilities of your differences from others with the same zodiac sign. Your expressiveness, benevolence and adaptability normally help you fit in anywhere , make yourself heard, be genuinely helpful and get along with everyone. Your rational thought and accountability highlight your maturity while your bit of rebel and ability to innovate and plan ahead can make you stand out in a crowd. If you can reserve your intense curiosity primarily for furthering your knowledge instead of prying into the affairs of others it should prove a more advantageous use of this trait. A finishing thought for people born on August the 6th is that learning the art of compromise and seeing things from another's point of view could reap many rewards.

August Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope August 6th

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totam 2017-08-17 03:54:45
i am born on 6th august 1963 & nothing good has ever happened to me. I always get into trouble without doing anything. Everything has always been very very difficult for me. I got into 2 very very abusive marriages. When I try to lead a calm quiet life---trouble finds me, someone comes into my life & somehow causes a lot of problems for me. I have not had a mment of peace in the last 40 years. What is wrong with me.
Dani 2017-04-04 08:19:08
This entire article is entirely me. I do enjoy soft, plush spaces, and I LOVE music. I am nosy, and I am very creative and create art all the time. So this is just spot on for me.
Joe 2017-08-02 15:14:33
Agree 100%, this is all true of me! (especially the lusty libido and sensuality parts)
Jieciel 2017-01-17 08:02:23
Mostly are facts about myself...but still im still curious if im really lucky or not...🙂

doll 2016-09-02 11:01:10
Yes I m very fredllyy...n ofcourse I love my family very much...
K Fox 2016-08-06 07:55:35
Born on August 6th, I possess a lot of these qualities. However, I am not nosy. I'm a 'live and let live' kind of person. I don't find other people all that interesting, usually .
O 2016-05-02 13:04:36
Considering that I have social anxiety and am quite shy, I really can't relate to the social parts mentioned.
Rim 2016-01-13 19:01:04
These are all right but I'm not so friendly. 🙂
Carol 2015-11-29 00:03:43
This is spot on for me. For the person I commit to, what is mine is his too and more. I give my all both materially and spiritually. Sex is not only fun it is a time for a serious connection with that special one.
indira 2015-09-21 01:12:55
Yes born on thr 6th august. And so.loves to be
pampered...every thing here is spot on.very generous and kind. Very family oriented....
LadyLeo 2015-08-07 09:02:41
This is my bday also and I'm one proud lioness! This describes me so well its crazy. One thing though, we are the freakiest, most seductive, most calculating sign of them all! We reign supreme! It's fun as hell being a Leo!
jodi 2015-07-27 02:56:25
OMG! This just nailed the nosiness factor: my son gets annoyed at me when I ask a question or do anything he thinks is being nosey. I think I'm just being inquisitive, trying to learn more about someone or something! Everything else so true, I'm healthy except bone problems (joint and arthritis), & I love plush, comfy sexual locations: pillows, candlelight,and music definitely add to pleasure! Right on!
Charles 2015-07-24 15:44:03
Heeey Am an August 4th Leo with a unite us Leos from around the world so we can share different life experiences. Whatsapp me thru

lawrencia 2015-07-22 13:13:02
Dats soooo true..always nosy nd want attention...luv being in a long relationship nd still luv ma ex
Jen 2015-01-20 07:57:26
I am so nosy! I really hate this quality about myself, but I feel like I have to compulsively "check up" on my exes in facebook pretty often. I am hoping to channel my energies to more positive and beneficial things.
Mish 2015-01-31 00:39:45
Hi Jen
I born on 6th August n I do the same but I don't like it sometimes , I moved on but I still do check up on ex.. Which shouldn't be
58493 2014-12-15 14:35:06
I tend to have to many ideas but i cant seem to express them well...The part about intuition is spot-on tho xP
Secret911 2014-12-02 14:31:56
Sixers? More like sexers ;)
kim 2015-01-06 18:45:16
Message from Secret911
Sixers? More like sexers ;)

That is true for me too GO TEAM SEXXXERS!!!

Cheyenne 2014-11-26 15:51:37
I am extremely antisocial, I am not good with attention (barely can stand when eyes are on me), and I do not have sexual desires. But everything else seems to be spot on, amazing (:
ambergirl89898989 2015-05-14 22:27:03
i think i am all of these 8/6/03 😍
kaitlyn 2015-06-20 02:11:42
[just=center][/just thats my b-day too august 6th 2003 😝
Riya 2015-08-01 20:20:18
My birthday is August 6th 2003 omg we shud be bezzies happy birthday for six days 😝
Charlotte C. 2014-11-15 11:43:13
I am not that concerned with my dress, as long as i look decent, but I guess i do like attention,at certain times and i am social only when the time is right. This is a whole lot of me though!
Rid 2014-09-22 19:13:57
" Cheerful, open and friendly you are likely to have a rebellious streak but this is accompanied by a social awareness and genuine concern for others. " describes my existence! most perfect piece of assumption ever
Leeann 2014-08-17 16:51:17
Wow I'm sorry but this me all the way
kin 2015-01-11 21:22:02
Message from Leeann
Wow I'm sorry but this me all the way

Me to its unreal how it describes me to a T how do they do that?
joy 2014-08-13 08:01:58
sixers as well.. i can relate haha born on the '88..

i have a colleague , with same birthday.. there are some traits that we are so different..

but in general we are so alike. haha
Sad bird 2014-08-09 22:37:31
I born on this day but the abovementioned personality does not match with mine at all.

Depressed 2014-08-07 02:44:57
What makes birthdays so "happy"? I must be missing something. Today is my birthday and I wanted to stay in bed
Alexis 2014-08-06 20:20:20
Happy Birthday Everyone!!!! also this is so spot on

"A perfect partner must be able to cope with your demands emotionally and offer you lots of attention, approval and appreciation. They must in addition share your stylish tastes and admiration of beauty, luxury and harmony."

lol I have been told by many previous partners of my demands haaaa Yay leos!

deca241 2014-08-06 15:40:07
I was born today in 1985🙂 I find things on the ground constantly, any 6ers experience this? Happy birthday 🙂
donna 2014-08-06 14:32:52
Hello my fellow Leo's, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm all of the above to a "T". Celebrating my 50th today & it was fun to read this site and the comments.
Heidi 2014-08-09 23:33:46
I celebrated my 50th this August 6th as well. You go, my proud Leo sister. We're also Dragons, which is highly powerful. Happy Birthday!
Heidi 2017-08-07 05:11:19
Happy birthday! I am a 47 year old Leo witb an 8-6 birthday. I am extremely nosy. I love being a Leo!
Queen 2014-08-06 06:01:46
Happy best day!,To all of my Sixers...
mary 2014-08-05 22:14:40
i find most things right about myself
Sam 2014-08-05 20:45:25
how do you know this.....
I find most of the things really correct....
h leekavatgu 2014-08-04 17:15:39
in my birthday which winning no in horses

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