Birthday Horoscope January 23rd

Birthday Horoscope January 23rd


If your Birthday is January 23rd and your Zodiac Sign is Aquarius

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on January 23rd under the Zodiac sign Aquarius



January 23rd Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 23rd of January are believed to be idealists who certainly live up to their radical and rebellious Aquarian zodiac sign description. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Mercury creating personalities that are innovative and versatile. You are quite sociable and friendly and the bit of rebel in your nature makes you an entertaining fun and loyal friend. If you have this birthday you have humanitarian views but tend to still be able to retain your emotionally detached aura in certain circumstances. You have a hypothetical mind that is quick and witty but some people may describe you as slightly eccentric, with some of your ideas and ways of doing things. Individual's with a January the twenty third birthday often have a fascination with ancient times or modern advances in technology. Glimpses into the past and future seem to help you put things happening in the present into context.



January 23rd Work and Finances

Career choice is much more important to a person born on the twenty third of January than its level of financial rewards. You have a low threshold for boredom and so require work that is varied or where you get the chance to use your versatility. You like meeting interesting people and occupations that involve helping others. When it comes to finances you often have a habit of spending your income quicker than you can generate it. You can be a little too generous with your money and this sees you sometimes struggling to balance your budget.



January 23rd Personal Relationships

For a Aquarian, the person born on the twenty third day of January is fairly warm and ebullient about love and relationships. Although you cannot be described as romantic or overly demonstrative with your feelings you enjoy the emotional security of personal relationships. Your slight fear of intimacy does not put you off searching for a committed soul mate partnership. To your partner you are loving and affectionate and as you seem to value loyalty so highly you will rarely stray when in a long term commitment. You are a gentle, unselfish and intuitive lover who is usually shy initially but openminded and understanding of your partners needs. You will seek someone who shares your views and interests but also has plenty of their own. This is because intellectual stimulation is more often than not a necessity to keep you feeling reassured and emotionally contented.



January 23rd Health

Any health problems generally experienced by those born on January 23rd are likely to be connected to bad habits like smoking or drinking. You are the kind of person who does not take kindly to being given advice about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Even though you think you know your body best you are advised to have regular check ups and moderate anything that may have a negative effect on your physical well being. People born on this day can be bizarrely fussy about their food and could be difficult to cook for. This is as they have unusual tastes in cuisine and lots of likes and dislikes.



January 23rd Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are probably in the ways you express your individuality and how you use your inventive mind to solve problems. These particular characteristics and your friendliness make you fun to be with and nice to know. Your compassion for others, kindness and generosity will also gain you many friends in life. Perceptible personality weaknesses for those born on January 23rd are your occasional tendencies to become self involved and hermitlike. If you have unresolved things on your mind you can sometimes become somewhat preoccupied and want to be alone to gather your thoughts independently.



January 23rd Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 23rd of January bestows you with a wonderful imagination but it also usually makes you a realist. This contradictory blend of qualities in your nature allows you to set goals for yourself that are imaginative yet easily attainable with a little effort. Many of your dreams and aims in life may be centered around family as this is where you tend to have acquired your ideals for fulfillment. You also dream of quenching your curiosity for historical eras by hoping to travel to and discover different places and cultures. You are able to talk about your aspirations freely and often do.



January 23rd Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the twenty third day of the month your date of birth has the digits two and three. This equates to a birthday Root number of Five and this numerical reference has the keyword 'Inquiry' and emphasizes the way you like to question and study our history. The Tarot card with a connection to your birthday is the 5th card in the Major Arcana known as the Hierophant and is a symbol of understanding. It appears to symbolize your strong compassionate character. The gemstone luckiest for January the twenty third birthdays is the sparkling Diamond bringing luck, wealth and courage to its wearer.



January 23rd Horoscope Summation

The Aquarian water bearers personality is astrologically determined by the planet Uranus creating your quirky wittiness and independent amiability. The actual day you were born, the twenty third of January is governed by the celestial body Mercury. This adds the creative, benevolent and flexible side to your traits. Your friendly positive manner and realistic anticipations usually give you a head start in achieving any ambitions you may have. The only thing that may slow you down is your tendency to avoid resolving issues as you go along, try not to let them build. A final thought to contemplate for people born on January the 23rd is that your expectations of yourself are sometimes a touch too high. Try to be as kind and considerate to oneself as you are to others.

January Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope January 23rd

B i Ʉ




Zere pam 2018-08-12 02:45:21
😍couldn't wish to be born on any other everything about me.
Peter 2017-01-03 12:45:20
Wassup 1-23 brothers this is very true sometimes i feel like i am supposed to be somewhere in a position of power i want to be in a history book lol i feel i can help and give so muuch knowledg but dont know where to start
Brandon 2016-01-23 02:30:38
Is pretty freakin accurate I must agree
christine 2016-01-23 19:40:20
Yep, I'm 60 and it's everything I am. Still crazy after all these years! Happy Birthday Brandon. it's been a good day!
crystal 2015-12-17 09:01:07
absolutely me n almost every way but Im not too picky with food
Newlove 2015-11-13 04:17:08
after reading through this, i feel so sad and happy at the same time as all things in this studies just semestr to be my wole being. But it is only unfortunate that People normally take advantage of our kindness and pay us back with evil.
lisa 2016-04-26 07:43:54
Newlove what you said is so true. When I confront the other party about it and tell them how I feel I'm not listened too, then I become alittle rebelious and then I'm told that I'm too sensitive, am overreacting or am just blown off and am not taken seriously. Because of our crazy and funny personality that is how they always see me like an air-head or goofy. I feel like they don't see the serious side of me until I get mad and then they take off until they need my help again, and again I'll help with whatever I can. But am not helped in return when I need it, which makes me soo sad and feel used.
Melissa T-MELT 2015-07-22 06:32:05
Ok.. First.. Hey every 1-23's!! YAY....
So cool, right?!...Well, Indeed...Happy 'SAME' Birthday to you all..
Astonishing that we all share 1/23...Awww, as I've known only one other person who has our special day.. Seriously though.. Is very true after reading and honestly.. even for the "Sun" aspects, (yet other astrology chart info can alter, then nature/nurture phases added) is needless to say remarkable.. noticed I am less picky and adore ALL food's though.. And for me.. I have a very high tolerance for BS and is LOW for allowing.. After year's of withstanding, I suppose.. Realistic aspect perhaps and Married, four children, which rock! Just incredibly nice reading...refreshing. Am versatile in career, so like a buffet.. One location with MANY delights and treats to enjoy at once! ;o) Am impatient I feel at times, due to my looong established year's, months ect planning, so feel I am always waiting around for others. Own an Event Company.. hence, the early planning. lol.
An Inventor- Creating a software app, so looking for Angel Investors, or winning power ball Lotto numbers ! ha..
A Writer- books/Screenplays, love ALL music/Art- drawing/painting. ..creative expression is where I'm at, yet sadly limited in doing when I wish I could, although am creative, so great outlet!, Cherish forms of History life, research and legal forms for it's daily structure ect.. maybe the Justice/honest/loyal involvement is why....
Very loyal, huge heart, listened, solver of problems and am patient overall, (except when others don't play manipulative victim)-
Despite others taking advantage, or me not grasping their life lesson's are not for Mel to bail them out of anymore- so weight lifted, yet I love benefits, obviously chatterbox and communication, yet private life is golden, unless allowed inside my "hermit-like" living when figuring out life issues, or busy.. or avoiding life deep vacation via book,or online interest, into..Ok.. Avid favorite of mine.. anything with any of our Universes-Astrology, avid lover of the Metaphysical/Spiritual life-( am Psychic). Play several instruments, read and used to write music when n my teens, too.. was fun. Stephen King novels at age 11-15 the best!
I do enjoy meshing creative ventures/innovating thought's from/with the old and new.. Dated/season past to merge normally with the future stuff/tech wise, too.. Love people at times more, than I could know, despite the harsh selfish treatments they return unkindly.

If I see complete solutions based from the whole large truest big image of life-situations,even bullying.. I have defended some and hurt doing, yet worth it protecting others for truth and against cruel discrimination. Brother has Downs Syndrome, so my youth was protecting him and others. I'm 37 today. 🙂 He's 33.
then I will go up against any and all negative odds in their favor without expecting anything in return ever, cause it is the only correct truth of all and hurt for overboard during that process when they're lazy, or don't care I invest.. Yes..stinks, so backing off.. easier doing now.. wheat from chaff separating theory. Best choices aren't the easiest, nor most favored ones.. those hardest are the ones which were/are correct.
Well... Happy Same day everyone.. 🙂
caitlyn 2015-04-05 21:25:36
wow, that is pretty freaky on how accurate that was, especially on the health part
Rose 2015-04-01 19:51:59
You hit the nail right on the head
Kay 2015-02-07 15:59:49
That sounds like me alright! 😄
Destiny 2015-02-06 16:31:16
It's kinda weird how accurate this is lol
Morgan 2014-11-07 06:02:51
so me i've went to other websites and they basically say the same thing it's sooo weird

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