Birthday Horoscope for January 7th

If your Birthday is January 7 and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 7th of January are highly independent, sociable, clever and sensitive. Like your Capricorn zodiac sign of the Goat you are typically strong in will and perceptive with a good sense of direction. The planet Neptune is the astrological ruler of this particular day giving personalities lots of intuition and a good understanding of others. If you have this birthday you are usually friendly natured and will enjoy other peoples company although you value your privacy highly and like time alone too. Individual's with a January the seventh birthday love their independence and like to make their own way in life, they do not accept help from others easily. You should also have a touch of psychic ability and you are exceptionally loyal and decisive. If you make a promise of any kind it will not have been made without a lot of thought and you will stick to it.

Work and Finances
The ideal career for a person born on the seventh of January would be in any profession requiring a creative mind. Although this is perfect in theory your sensitivity to and fear of criticism usually directs you towards more mundane work choices. Your heightened ability to understand peoples actions and thoughts means you will enjoy working with and for others. Financially you should be comfortable as you are a hard worker and have adept money management skills. If extra finances are needed you are prepared to put in more hours and inventive enough to find or create additional income sources.

Personal Relationships
As a Capricorn you are as a rule a little distant and cool emotionally and can be difficult to get close to. Being people orientated gains you a wide circle of friends but when it comes to closer relationships you can be immensely shy. Your seemingly aloof exterior hides a passionate and loving center that will only be revealed to those that know you really well. You will search for a partner that is compatible intellectually, receptive and is able to share your ambitions and views of the world. A soul mate will also have to be as free spirited as you are and capable of coping with your need for personal space and moments of solitude. Although you appear tough emotionally and are very cautious with your emotions you are still quite susceptible to getting hurt. You will only commit fully to a romantic partnership if you are completely sure.

Health for those born on January 7th is generally good when things are going well and you are happy and settled. However your body's chemistry is easily disturbed and any worries and upsets can disrupt its balance. If you have unresolved issues on your mind this will affect your usual sleep patterns causing you day time fatigue and grumpiness. Getting adequate rest is the key to your physical and mental well being. If you ever have trouble sleeping due to worrying about a situation you should try and sort it out as soon as possible. This will ensure that you maintain your general health and vitality.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character lie in your instinctual intellect and imagination and the ease you often have in accepting circumstances. These responsive and mature qualities in your characteristics allow you to stay calm in situations when others would be flustered. Weaknesses of personality in those born on the January 7th focus on your negative tendencies to become over involved or have fanciful notions. You are prone to sometimes being a little bit nosy and interfering but this is only when your curiosity gets the better of you. You are naturally helpful so your nosiness is usually just over concern.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 7th of January means that you are likely to have an avid fascination with the many mysteries of the world. Any dreams or goals that you set for yourself will probably be based on advancing your worldly knowledge rather than the achievement of materialistic aims. You will discover that you have a reliable sixth sense and if you listen to your perceptivity it will act as a directional guide. As you have no real preconceptions about people and the future you are happy to simply go with the flow. Your most desired wish is for happiness and to have a positive purpose to your life.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the seventh day of the month your date of birth has a birthday Root number of Seven. 'Mystery' is the special keyword for this numerical association and it accentuates your interest in all things mysterious. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 7th card in the Major Arcana, The Chariot. This possibly denotes your gift of solid steadiness and determination on lifes uncertain path. The luck bearing gemstone especially for January the seventh birthdays is Jade and wearing it or having it in the home is believed to increase finances and banish negativity.

The star sign of Capricorn individuals are astrologically ruled and so influenced in their probable traits and behaviors by the planet Saturn. The actual day you were born, the seventh of January, is cosmically governed by the celestial body Neptune. Your unique personality was created a result of the amalgamation of these two planetary influences. Your high intellect and maturity will help you accomplish great things for yourself while your creativity and awareness should assist you in helping others. If you can overcome your shyness in intimate relationships and work as one towards common goals it will give you greater confidence. A last thought for people born on January the 7th to cogitate is to trust in and not ignore your natural senses as they are more often than not right.

Mia 2015-08-22 13:59:54
Can someone explain to me what exactly is a sixth sense? My kik is @nobodyskeeper_

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Justin 2015-08-19 03:04:40
Since i was a kid i have had visions of the future. I told my grandma she was going to die and i didn't want her to, i sat crying on her lap, 5 days later she died out of no where. this is so spot on with me its just crazy. I was in a car for less that 15 seconds and i told the driver that she was going to crash and that she needed to drive slow. Not even a minute later we rolled the car. I am extremely intuitive and have a very strong sixth sense. I had a dream a baby died and i was praying over it but i couldn't bring it back and there was a dark figure in front of me and trying to take it, the baby died and the next day i woke up and found out that my ex had a mis carriage. i so often have dreams that come to life shortly after. I use to be scared of it but i began to accept it and learn to be a lucid dreamer and it actually affected the future on multiple occasions, i couldn't bring the baby back but i have been able to direct others from harm and i am still having trouble with a nuke or asteroid hitting earth and i make it but so many don't i saved my mom and a baby and helped many others. I also had a dream about an earthquake and i helped a lady and her baby and they thanked me, the next day i found out about the hati earthquake. on so many occasions i feel like i travel in my dreams trying to help others. I have levitated on my bed inches from the ceiling. I have had the ability to control peoples thoughts and talk to them with out words. I was contacted by my school when i was younger and they made me take a 300 question test and no one else had to take it. they said that i only missed 3 questions on the whole test and that it was impossible for that test. There were questions that asked me to predict the next event after seeing a picture or after given a couple pictures. They said that it was mathematically impossible and that i was considered TAG Talented And Gifted. That i had abilities that were unseen. They said that i get bored with school because i already know what they are teaching based on the test it equivilates to being a teacher in the room of 1st graders, that i know things that are impossible to know. I just sat there like are you messing with me right now? i was curious how they figured it out, and they said that i don't show up for days and i get A's on all my assignments, my teachers have wondered if i cheated but without me knowing they changed seats and put me by others and had even asked me to come take tests on lunch or after school (i thought nothing of it) but they were doing it to see if i'd still get an A after not being around for the teaching of the material. That they would call on me in class and that i would explain my methods and they were not what was being teached and sometimes easier that what they were teaching. in math my teacher said that i couldn't possibly do it in my head and so when i explained how i did it he said that that was the most effective and newest way they had ever heard to do things and that is why i could do it in my head. I ended up teaching my math teacher another way of solving problems. I didn't graduate because of missing school but i was smarter than 99 % of the kids there according to the teachers. That goes to show that you need to show up and be there, i think that showing up is more important that knowing the problems. but actually showing up to work rather than knowing how to do the work. Now 10 years later i know that. But i am still doing very well for myself.

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Neptune's Muse 2015-08-23 07:01:43
Incredible. How are you now? What do you explore and learn these days? What fascinates you?

I'm drawn to Egytprology lately. For years it was England but eventually all history is linked my the same threads and longevity of the links between events, contemporaries and progeny.

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Babette 2015-08-16 09:23:50
I can't believe how accurate this is. I never sleep. I am during the day because of it. I'm very much a night person. I am very intuitive and very psychic . Strange how spot on this is my life.

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Tyh 2015-08-05 03:32:55
The whole thing is so accurate . I cannot believe it!

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jUstin M 2015-08-03 18:27:23
Hey guys. I'm 17 I was born on the same date January 7. I wanna become a director and I have really bad luck relationship wise haha
It would be cool talking to a fellow young Capricorn my email is

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aniket 2015-07-28 08:03:38
its so true.... truely goes with my life

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Tina 2015-07-19 06:17:45
Pretty damn close

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JIMMY 2015-07-18 00:42:11
Seems Harold has a problem.I am Jan 7th and this is right on!I am 57 retired American English teacher ,now living in Philippines.Any 25-35 female Pinays Pices out there?jimmy in Baguio city skype jimmylewis69

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carm 2015-07-04 04:38:12
This is sooo me. Wish we could all meet. The part of determination, the need for sleep, the need for alone time is all me. No one understands, but I feel this is me and now I know it's all innate.

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Liz 2015-04-07 05:17:47
I can't even explain how accurate this is!!!

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el 2015-03-25 19:25:39
soooo freaking true OMG...  =)  :love:

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kimber 2015-02-27 22:04:41
That was so insanely accurate.

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jackson 2015-01-30 11:47:28
its totally b*ll sh*t.....come on guys.... speaking about goody goody things on ur own zodiac any1 like.... that is the biz which they are doing........ and the matter mention their that happen to everyones life.....

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harold 2015-02-14 09:29:38
f*ck you! if ur borday is n this this date then what you say

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bmama4 2015-01-13 23:43:28
Happy birthday Capricorns

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Abhi 2015-01-08 14:19:16
What sixth sense u guys felt?.. BTW this is weird how do u know so much about mee!

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