Birthday Horoscope May 2nd

Birthday Horoscope May 2nd


If your Birthday is May 2nd and your Zodiac Sign is Taurus

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on May 2nd under the Zodiac sign Taurus



May 2nd Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 2nd of May are imagined to be straightforward, charming and amiable with more realism and common sense than most bulls. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is the Moon granting you a highly intuitive and understanding temperament. If you have this birthday your strong will is calm and mild encouraging you to be firm but fair and ordinarily avoid conflict. Reliable, caring and resolute you have fairly balanced emotions along with an excellent memory and artistic inclinations. Your creativity appears to include an infusion of practicality to it making you quite stylishly innovative in your tastes and keen on improving things. Individuals with a May the second birthday are supportive and friendly to others and also modest with high levels of cautious patience. You are usually passionate about life with a real sense of adventure and an extreme fondness of fun and diversity.



May 2nd Work and Finances

Work choice and direction to a person born on the second of May is sometimes difficult as you can be selective with your preferences. This is because you are happiest doing something that you have an avid interest in and enjoy. In addition you are a touch too receptive at times meaning you are soon affected by environments. You need working time to be enjoyable and rewarding and this will often be a more important consideration than financial incentives. You seem to attach little importance to the amount and stability of a occupation's pay if the job involves something that is stimulating and feels worthwhile.



May 2nd Personal Relationships

For a Taurus, the person born on the second day of May is typically loving, charismatic and demonstrative emotionally. Your sensitivity gives you a natural craving for support and attention from family and friends and an idealistic perspective about love and romance. An empathic listener you will insist on superb communication as an essential requirement in a personal relationship. Like the majority of your zodiac group you are driven by your warm emotions but have a slight lack of confidence. You are affectionate, like to feel safe and once committed will endeavor to keep a soul mate relationship harmonious. Hugs and cuddles mean a lot to you so you seek a partner who is as open with their affections as you are. Your intuitiveness and attention to detail make you romantic, considerate, sensual and direct towards a lover.



May 2nd Health

Illnesses experienced by those born on May 2nd can be frequently connected to your tendency to adopt bad habits. You tend to be a little lazy when it comes to nutritional and exercise recommendations and may take healthiness somewhat for granted. This attitude can leave you being prone to shortages of vitamins leading to lethargy, dull skin and low moods. Your likely fondness for fast and fatty foods should be moderated if you want to keep your waistline trim. Eating more healthily is often the best way to ensure that you keep a spring in your step and any deficiency symptoms to a minimum.



May 2nd Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strengths noticeable in your character are probably the productive observant idealism you possess and your charm. Accompanying fortes worth a mention are your calmness, reliability and impartiality. These positive traits reveal you as someone who is inclined to live in the present rather than the past with a harmonized view of life. Personality weaknesses for those born on May 2nd are usually in the form of subtle and infrequent behaviors. These negatives include the tendencies to be every so often overly intrusive, domineering or purposefully annoying especially if fatigued or unwell.



May 2nd Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 2nd of May usually means that any aspirations of yours are easily achieved as a consequence of your usual optimistic outlook. Aside from positivity your naturally creative side gives you the ability to transcend traditional concepts and find the quickest routes to achievement. Of all the members of your zodiac group you probably have the highest instinctive intuition and if you listen to it this can prove a useful guide when striving to accomplish goals. Your arty and practical disposition sometimes influences some of your dreams generating many fabulous ideas and wishes.



May 2nd Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the second day of the month the Two in your birth date is designated as your Root number. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Harmony' reflecting your avoidance of contention and desire for serenity. In the Major Arcana Tarot the 2nd card in the deck, the Priestess is mystically linked to your birthday. This symbolizes your intensified perceptivity and also identifies your composure. The lucky gemstone allocated for May the second birthdays is the glossy white Pearl as it promises it's wearer sweet dreams, happiness and the dispelling of negativity.



May 2nd Horoscope Summation

The basic probabilities of all Taurus personalities are thought to be astrologically influenced by the planet Venus. The actual day you were born on, the second of May is cosmically ruled by the lunar power of our Moon. Your unique set of characteristics are therefore assumed to be determined by the combination of the influences of these 2 planets. Your directness, compassion and forthright dependability project you as someone who can normally be confidently relied upon and trusted. Your levelheaded inventiveness help formulate your aims and hopes and helps you stand out and be different. Taking better care of yourself should see your unfavorable traits rarely materialize. A pertinent final thought for people born on May the second is to try not to be too fussy or critical as these mannerisms could hinder your potential and progress. If you are too choosy throughout life it could mean you miss out on beneficial opportunities.

May Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope May 2nd

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tyreek fearon 2017-04-27 20:15:50
it's really amazing to read about yourself and knowing that everything is actually the truth
Vicki 2016-10-16 02:18:02
Not really me. I'm super healthy and love exercise🙂! I'm also very adventurous and hate routine. Maybe my parents got the wrong birthday🙂?
Terry 2016-04-30 04:00:24
Omg this is so me
True true 🙂
Simone 2016-03-11 11:58:02
Perfectly stated. This is me.
Dee 2016-01-13 08:16:52
I didn't read one inaccurate description here. This describes me perfectly to the tea.. It's quite amazing actually.
The Passionate Dreamer 2015-10-02 06:06:55
This is so accurate! I do always look for ways to make things better. I have always been into moon gazing, interesting that my birthday is ruled by the moon. I am fiercly loyal to those I love. I despise unkindness. I have a lot of creative enginuity in me. I love taking something ugly and turning it into something beautiful.
Allan 2015-08-31 09:06:03
OMG myb cz i hav som features you talk abov
Oluwatobi 2015-06-24 08:17:07
This is so accurate coz everything listed above are wat makes me
Theo Fecko 2015-05-02 06:19:40
This is us and then some. Were Do,ERS more then watchers not shy at all.with a room full 0502 ,s together we can make the world a little better!
Kiara 2015-04-04 05:46:02
This is so accurate! I do lack in confidence a little and I coul be possessive when it comes to the people I care about but I also have big dreams. I am very reliable, straightforward, and have a lot of common sense. 🙂
NoDiggity 2015-02-24 22:28:39
This almost describes how I am. I also am very possessive about the people I care for. I have a hard time NOT saying what's on my mind. It's like I'm talking even before I realize that I'm thinking it. A bit too straight forward, I guess. And yes, I love being outdoors and I absolutely love talking to people and being around people!
Devil 2015-02-15 16:37:52
Yes! Exactly. But i have lot of self confidence

Sho 2014-11-30 19:40:37
Who are the best lovers? I need outdoorsy artsy.....
The Believer 2014-11-18 00:51:09
Personally, I love lots of alone time for introspection. Love to write a lot, love beautiful clothes, furniture, etc. Avoids conflict, disloyalty, people who repeats things I share with them in secrecy. Intuitive,quick to tell it like it is. Love justice, drawn towards helping those down on luck. Despises when people ill-treats others. If you keep me on my good side, we'll remain friends. Get me on the wrong side, i totally avoid seeing or speaking to you. Crave learning. Love life. Strong believer in God. Always believe things will get better.
Cat 2014-09-16 03:34:05
Wow. How accurate! Thanks for this breakdown. It's all so spot on! 🙂

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