Birthday Horoscope for May 6th

If your Birthday is May 6 and your Zodiac Sign is Taurus

Birthday Persona Profile
People born specifically on the 6th of May are envisioned to be charming, warm and cooperative with the typical bull placidity and determination. Venus is the ruling astrological planet dominant for this particular day and also the zodiac sign of Taurus, intensifying your levels of curiosity and intuition. If you have this birthday a highly sociable, diplomatic, outgoing temperament is bestowed upon you along with a dislike of being or feeling alone. Your natural eloquence often assists you to be able to talk your way in and out of situations and instinctively seek the balance you crave. You have stylish tastes that are usually reflected in your choices of home and dress sense. Entertaining and bringing others together are things you are inclined to enjoy and be good at. Individuals with a May the sixth birthday possess a wonderful imagination, are capable of recognizing their limitations and tend to usually look at everything fairly objectively.

Work and Finances
Job choices can sometimes be far from easy to a person born on the sixth of May as conventional career options rarely seem to appeal to you. Although you are usually fully aware of your best abilities this does not prevent you from being attracted to work that is rather specialized or unusual. Financially you are prone to be once in a while frivolous or under estimate the expense of something you desire. You are quite impulsive over bargains and willing to pay for quality but it can occasionally cause fluctuations in your finances. Sensible budgeting should allow for your small extravagances.

Personal Relationships
For a Taurus, the person born on the sixth day of May is typically stubborn but with a high degree of patience and emotional understanding. When it comes to love and romance you can be hesitant to make the first move but fall in love deeply and ordinarily flourish within the security and stability of a long term relationship. You need a loving partnership that is very evenly balanced physically and mentally with plenty of common interests and ambitions. Someone that is as loyal and committed as you are who ignites your sensual passion and is on the same intellectual level is perfect. Your belief in soul mates and true love helps you put your indecisiveness aside if you feel you have met your destined partner. You can be possessive and inflexible at times but loathe arguments so will frequently be the one who initiates making up and restoring harmony.

Physical healthiness experienced by those born on May 6th appears to be easily disturbed by nutritional deficiencies. You are disposed to have a healthy appetite but a tendency to have your favorite meals and eat too much of the same thing sometimes leaving you short of something. You can in addition be susceptible to coughs and colds so eating a wider range of foods could help you avoid succumbing to viruses. People born on this day may find that their mental health, general sense of well being and self esteem is also noticeably improved by consuming food types known to boost mood and concentration.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Your main strengths of character are noticeable in your unique mix of charm, warmth and cooperation gaining you many friends and admirers. Your other major fortes of sensitivity, astuteness and diplomacy help you normally approach everything impartially and make you a fabulous mediator. The personality weaknesses for those born on May 6th expose your changeable emotions, seemingly more frequent if you have worries. This negativity can surface as self indulgent and pitying behavior causing you to also be much grumpier and uncharacteristically sulky. Not letting anxieties build can reduce this negative trait.

Dreams and Goals
Being born on the 6th of May gifts you with an intense appreciation for beauty courtesy of Venus's double influence. This perception may add a touch of idealism and fantasy to your dreams but you attempt to keep these sleep induced wishes separate from important life objectives. Your need to be taken seriously sees you setting realistic goals for desired personal and professional achievements. Helping others to realize their potential can often be more rewarding to you than your own accomplishments. All your wished for aspirations are hardly ever selfish or entirely materialistic.

Birthday Luck and Significance
As you were born on the sixth day of the month your birth date figure of Six is also your Root number. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' emphasizing your responsiveness to others and fondness of company. The 6th Tarot card in the Major Arcana characterizing the Lovers is closely linked to your birthday. It strongly reflects your penchant for the aesthetic and requirement for closeness and companionship. The gem imagined luckiest for May the sixth birthdays is Turquoise, it is thought to mystically attract positivity and happiness into your life.

The probable favorable and unfavorable thoughts and actions of all Taurus personalities are believed influenced astrologically by Venus. As this celestial body also rules the actual day you were born, the sixth of May, it is doubly influential on your possible nature. Your easygoing sociability and fine mediation skills accentuate your superb command of language. This talent and your insistence on fairness let you interact with almost everyone and be understood plainly. Your calm intuitiveness is an excellent guide if you listen to and trust your inner voice. If you can manage to steady your emotions and pay more attention to your dietary needs it could stop anxieties building. A well meant thought for people born on May the 6th is to consider waiting for others to ask for your assistance instead of offering and do not be fearful of asking for help yourself.

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