Birthday Horoscope November 7th

Birthday Horoscope November 7th


If your Birthday is November 7th and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on November 7th under the Zodiac sign Scorpio



November 7th Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 7th of November are predicted to be rather intelligent, calm and purposeful along with plenty of the usual Scorpio subtle persuasiveness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Neptune making you destined to be highly intuitive and likely to possess an air of mystery and aloofness. If you have this birthday your very loving and compassionate nature has sensitive emotions and may occasionally crave time alone for quiet contemplation. You are naturally inquisitive with a desire to explore, analyze and learn everything around you. Pleasant, polite and alert you may be diplomatic in your approach yet you will ordinarily refuse to compromise on your personal principles, ideals or standards. Individuals with a November the seventh birthday are open and honest with a great imagination and lots of self discipline. You tend to welcome challenges of all kinds and have a special fondness for improving and perfecting things. Deeply thoughtful with a strong will you are extremely perceptive but sometimes also a bit blunt and critical without really realizing it.



November 7th Work and Finances

Jobs that present opportunities to help others are often particularly agreeable choices to a person born on the seventh of November. The intense sense of purpose, thoughtfulness and wonderful understanding listening skills typical of your temperament, make you an ideal employee in any sort of caring profession. Your analytic mind and principled perception guide you to be capable of occupations requiring a high degree of responsibility. You are not usually motivated by money but you will be especially adept at managing your finances confidently. Your disciplined disposition helps you be an excellent saver so it is rare for you to experience financial issues.



November 7th Personal Relationships

For a Scorpio, the person born on the seventh day of November is typically a real romantic who tends to take love relationships seriously. Fairly affectionate with a proneness to be a bit flirty you are also incredibly loyal and do not commit yourself to a long term union lightly. In spite of all this you can be a tad secretive and insecure regarding your true feelings as well as unforgiving of betrayal. Your slight emotional vulnerabilities can cause you to on occasion be a little moody, cool and detached so you need to trust a soul mate completely. You seem to prefer to be on your own instead of being with the wrong partner. If you find yourself with someone unsuitable your tendencies to criticize and be overly demanding emotionally. Your hot blooded sexuality and imaginative intensity directs you to be an exciting lover. Massage, talking about sex and adventurous foreplay all quickly ignite your burning passion.



November 7th Health

The natural energy and positive attitude attributed to those born on November 7th has immense benefits for their overall healthiness. Your stomach and reproductive organs could be weak spots for minor problems in your otherwise healthy constitution. You do not normally need extra encouragement to partake in exercise but it may be more important in later years as this is when you are most susceptible to weight gain. People born on this day are usually interested in trying new taste experiences so they should perhaps consider learning cookery in order to further expand their tastes in food. A sweet tooth means regular dental checks are also a good idea.



November 7th Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are displayed in your curious, adventuresome intelligence and persuasive manner. Along with your sharp intuition these particular fortes allow you to speedily grasp changing situations and get along well with almost everyone. Your fairness of judgment, openness and honesty are additional admirable qualities. When the perfectionist side of your individuality kicks in the personality weaknesses for those born on November 7th are exposed. If something is not to your liking you can become sulky and withdrawn in response. If somebody insults or offends you your mood lowers and you behave in a restless difficult way.



November 7th Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 7th of November means you are strongly inclined to be dedicated to achieving goals that do some good for others. This type of considerate mindset provides a heightened motivation to utilize your best talents towards worthwhile projects that can help make the world a better place. Family will be a priority and your main desired achievements often lie in the building of a stable home base. Dreams have the inclination to consist of enterprising concepts or sexy scenes.



November 7th Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the seventh day of the month your birth date figure generates an equal Root number of Seven. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Mystery' defining your mysterious aura, fervent curiosity and keen insight. In Tarot the 7th Major Arcana card depicting the Chariot is associated with your birthday. This identifies your well directed thoughts and actions in addition to your ability to use your intellect and heart to make decisions. The luckiest gemstone for November the seventh birthdays is imagined to be Jade, to be worn for the possibilities of combating fear and stress and attracting wealth and contentment.



November 7th Horoscope Summation

The probabilities of all Scorpio personalities are deemed to be astrologically derived from the influence of the planet Pluto. The actual day you were born on, the seventh of November is governed by Neptune's rule influencing the probability of a noticeable distinctness from other Scorpions. Your insightful politeness lets you offer tactful advice while your astute alertness and understanding gives you a very sympathetic ear. Your craving for occasional solitude should not be ignored as it helps you regularly recharge your batteries. A completing thought for people born on November the 7th is to beware of vegetating and always aim to keep your deepest wishes at the forefront of your mind.

November Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope November 7th

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Joey S. 2019-12-28 11:09:00
Hey fellow Scorpio !!!! I was born november 7th 1986 !!!! Anyone else share this exact year!!! This description of our sign is spot on i have learned that being this sign on this day gives me abilities that I've been learning to dial in on and use like my awareness and intuition and yhe ability to see in people what others don't or what they themselves don't see. Also people gravitate to me immediately and i am able to gain there trust and help them with what they need or listen to them. I also have the ability to lead and make people feel safe the energy i exert is very powerful and people feel it and i am very very emphatic so im very sensitive to others emotions and there body language i feel what they feel if anyone can relate and would like to speak more i would love that or anyone just want to talk or have any questions feel free to email me look forward to hearing from fellow scorpio!!!!!
margo 2018-02-13 03:39:53
Are you my mother or father?
wow, this sounds like me
November 7 birthday

lorna 2017-11-18 01:55:53
Very, very true, love it!
priyanka 2017-11-06 17:14:47
...quite an amazing description..nd its difficult to believe ...hope... i could really do something... great in future...... m also the 7th_scorpion born in the year 1996
Enzo Aragoza 2017-11-06 16:18:04
Nov 7 1987. Happy birthday to us guys.
john mark optina 2016-12-26 07:34:27
Thank for this I'm from Philippines born on 11-07-97 and I'm bless to read this certain view about my life.Unexplainably significant~
Sue 2016-12-22 11:25:06
My mum was born 1st November I was born 7th November my mum died 4 years ago she never hinted she was ill or told me a gypsy in a stree in York told me by reading my palm for money that she was very ill amongst other things this was in March she died in April I miss her very much she always said she was never lucky in life apart from her children I feel I'm never lucky either or nothing goes right for me
K.Saravanaraja 2016-12-18 18:53:32
I was exactly born at 5 a.m. ,7,Nov, Iwas born in a HINDU family of Kombai village,Theni District,Tamilnadu, the village mosque started its First morning namaz...Could you tell about me!?
Nazneen Akhtar 2016-11-06 11:10:58
It is true,even i am amazed to read all inscription which truly describe all things.
Desiree_Marie_Meyer 2016-08-24 10:24:21
-This is so accurate it's thrilling. I've always been in touch with my spirit on terms of me, myself, and I; and I've always payed attention to my visions or "dejavu" as some say because whatever I see tends to happen in one way shape or form throughout my lifetime.... as I'm sure other scorpios born on November 7th have come to realize as well or slowly will as they get older and start to understand their power. I'm not no medium or anything I just get life and understand the way things work in general. My significance as a scorpio born on the seventh day of november is that the numbers 11 and 7 have been extremely present in my everyday life since literally the moment I was born whether being good or bad luck. For instance I was born in Fresno California on November 7th, 1996 at 11:17pm, I was 7lbs 11oz, and I was 17inchs long... coincidence or fate??
Stormy_Night 2018-12-06 22:54:30
I get dejavu all the time but right after I..... Well right after I THINK I see something I forget I saw it, if I actually even saw something, and then I remember/ get a feeling that I saw it happen before right after the situation that I think I saw happens. I want to know if i'm actually seeing what I think i'm seeing but I don't know how to control/ become more in touch with this "ability" because the internet says I need all these things that I have zero access to.
Suzanne 2016-07-04 16:06:30
Both my son and I are born on the 7th of November,we are so close, best 30th birthday present ever!!
Isaiah 2017-10-05 17:46:16
my mother and i are also born on the 7th of november
jackie 2016-06-02 17:39:08
so true...this is totally true..nice description

Trish Rocker! 2016-05-05 10:02:23
I can't believe all this means ME!!!!
Megan Watson 2016-04-24 06:28:42
This is an amazingly insightful and accurate description of how I do view myself as someone born on the 7th Nov. Thanks
doesnt.matter 2016-08-16 19:22:26
Ur last names the same as mine...mysterious
Leo cool 2016-02-11 02:47:02
Guys i was born in 7 nov 1994 but my parents named me max - leo sign anyway i m happy with my leo sign
aniefre Aloysius 2016-01-15 14:19:31
I am blessed to be born on this date,everything said here is so and helping others.
Zee 2015-11-04 13:45:07
Has anyone else ever dated someone born on the same day....but different year? Is it possible to last?
Anonymous 2015-10-21 07:09:47
If you were born on the 7th of November in the year of 1991 you are very special. You have the power to change the world.
KA 2018-01-02 20:48:51
My son is born that day 06.11.1991 at 1:13 pm. I chose his birthdate due to cesarian. Thanks.
chips 2015-12-01 05:39:11
I love my birth day November seventh
roopali 2016-02-12 22:04:11
I'm so proud of this date

Bridgette 2015-10-07 08:39:08
11/7/67.. This is me all day long!!
Abegail 2015-09-02 23:42:04
I love my birthday plus born in 1979. My WHOLE b day is prime numbers. Still I know how we can be. Players of chess n nobody knows cause we're mysterious like that.
Nicola 2019-02-28 23:56:07
Same date and same year as you,
What’s the plan for our 40th?
Katrina 2015-08-29 23:17:48
11-07-95 stoked to be a Scorpio <3
Dom 2015-11-19 06:23:17
hey katrina i was born 11-07-94
Aaron 2015-11-10 08:38:52
That is my birthday also. I can tell it is special one. The horoscope is crazy accurate.
sng 2015-08-15 19:47:36
why sorrows always running after me?
Ashiley 2015-07-11 18:58:24
Yeah it's difficult to be me...cause sometimes i don't understand with myself..and many tragedy with number seven in my life.. just like fate! but it's lucky too
bond 2015-07-17 13:14:32
this is so true, at least in my case, thanks :-)
oscar goa 2015-05-08 20:45:14
Hi I am oscar dsouza from sangolda goa india son of dj.godwin dsouza m happy to know my positive n negative side .I like to care for mankind god bless n scorpions we rock
Shalom Opara 2015-09-13 17:58:39
The mysterious aspect hmm sometimes I fear myself and being compassionate is part of me and can be be in love and also, want to be sure to trust my partner.

Boran 2015-05-03 19:29:25
Every scorpio loves their zodiac sign for some reason, btw anyone else born on November the 7th 1997
Dillygirl 2016-01-06 01:02:44
I was also born on 7th Nov 1997 and I knw two other ppl, and amazing thing is they are very similar to me. however, my fav zodiacs are Sagittarius and Aquarius. (My Ascendant and moon sign..they're far more accurate than scorpion traits)
Valen 2015-04-04 01:20:06
I was Born on this day. Everything in spot on.. I love my birthday. Shot out to everyone born in this day.
Ellie 2015-03-22 06:52:51
My boyfriend borned Nov 7. I had to read this to understand him.
i 2015-02-25 06:05:03
I know somebody born with this date of birth, many things are true with scorpions, like inquisitive nature, flirtious, moody and loving
Shannon Nadine Campbell 2014-12-11 02:27:58
I love being an 11/7...makes for a considerate, open minded, spiritual/psychic (I read palms) soul and I couldn't ask for more...this describes me almost perfectly...almost as detailed and accurate as getting a birth/natal chart done! Love and light fellow scorpions!
lauren-jade 2014-11-04 10:03:06
i was born on november 7th and i hate it ! it is always cold on my birthday so noone is willing to do anything! but i do like the jade the gem stone 😎
D 2014-11-07 19:42:45
Move to CA going kayaking today in 80 degree weather...problem solved

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