Birthday Horoscope October 6th

Birthday Horoscope October 6th


If your Birthday is October 6th and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

Birthday Horoscope for those who were born on October 6th under the Zodiac sign Libra



October 6th Persona Profile

People born specifically on the 6th of October are imagined to be a tad idealistic with high expectations and with the typical Libran low tolerance of unfairness. The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is Venus enhancing your natural affability and guiding you to greatly appreciate harmony and beauty in your surroundings. If you have this birthday your naturally cooperative temperament is also very persuasive and sociable, usually with a dislike of being alone. Your warm, considerate and communicative spirit is loyal and fun with a passion for the debating of topical interests and views. You are inclined to possess a creative dreamy imagination and usually be a bit of an entertainer who loves an audience. Individuals with an October the sixth birthday are fairly optimistic with a tendency to pay close attention to detail and plans. You seem to enjoy living life to the fullest and improving everything but when you are feeling insecure your manner may change to be quite cautious and aloof.



October 6th Work and Finances

A career in the arts is often a favorite profession choice to a person born on the sixth of October due to your imaginative streak and appreciation of beautiful things. Your high levels of friendliness and sociability make you a real people person who usually gains lots of satisfaction from working helping others in any capacity. Your strong sense of justice can encourage jobs involving law to be another popular work option. Your sharp awareness of fine details means you will ordinarily check all financial matters twice. This double checking of figures and contracts means it is rare for you to get into many troubles financially.



October 6th Personal Relationships

For a Libra, the person born on the sixth day of October is typically driven by idealism and a need for togetherness when it comes to romance. This drives your craving for emotional stability and normally makes you very romantic and likely to wish to be really swept off your feet. If a partner can get past your slight caution emotionally they are sure to gain an affectionate truly devoted companion who is capable of loving unconditionally. You will often utilize your diplomacy and charm to get your own way but your touch of indecision may irritate a loved one. Your willingness to compromise will help to make a long term soul mate relationship happy and successful. In the bedroom you tend to adopt an unselfish laid back attitude and a passionate allure making you a sensual, lusty and exciting lover.



October 6th Health

Although you seem to as a rule take good care of your basic physical health, nervous disorders can sometimes be commonly experienced by those born on October 6th. Unfulfillment or imbalance in any area of life could provoke this potential proneness for anxiety or tension related symptoms or illness. Exercise is often an excellent method for combating feeling blue, it should help lift and improve mood as well as general all over healthiness. Eating healthily and regularly has equal importance to the maintenance of your vitality. People born on this day are also advised to beware of excesses in anything in order to preserve their usual wellness.



October 6th Strengths and Weaknesses

Your main strengths of character are exposed within your cheery cooperation, persuasiveness and likelihood to plan ahead. These positive traits can make you destined to do well in life. Along with your adventurous vivacious side they enhance and emphasize your amiability and heightened ability to socialize. The negative personality weaknesses for those born on October 6th can be frequently initiated by something or somebody being unfair in their judgment. This negativity may manifest itself as increased aloofness or hesitancy in addition to evoking the tendencies of displaying quite untypical self absorbed or temperamental behaviors.



October 6th Dreams and Goals

Being born on the 6th of October means you will usually aim to direct plenty of positivity into everything you attempt to do. You are likely to be keen to opt for any challenge or possible achievement that involves bringing harmony to the lives of others. The less selfish a goal is the more you seem to find it easier and quicker to achieve. The usual expectant outlook you have offers strong motivation in the pursuit of any desired ambitions. When you dream it will usually consist of envisioning scenarios of accomplishing and acquiring some of the things that you believe will give you a feeling of true contentment.



October 6th Birthday Luck and Significance

As you were born on the sixth day of the month your date of birth generates a linked natal Root number of Six. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Social' identifying your friendly warmth and agreeability plus your passionate ability to debate and skillfully express your emotions and viewpoints. In the Major Arcana Tarot deck the 6th card symbolizing the Lovers is associated with your birthday. This reflects your enthusiasm along with your high hopes for the future and dependable spirit. The lucky gemstone for October the sixth birthdays is Turquoise to be worn for the attraction of serenity and favorable fortunes.



October 6th Horoscope Summation

The celestial body Venus's influential power is thought responsible for the probabilities of all typified Libra personalities. The actual day you were born on, the sixth of October is governed by this same planet's authority intensifying your accommodating degrees of helpful kindness characteristic of this zodiac sign. Your craving for harmonious environments, sense of loyalty and pleasant manner make you extremely nice to know. If you can tame reactions to injustice it will leave you clearheaded enough to articulate your displeasure more effectively. A finishing thought for people born on October the 6th is to try and not overlook the simple things in life as they are likely to bring you the most pleasure.

October Birthday Horoscope

Comments: Birthday Horoscope October 6th

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Ben10 2016-08-12 06:49:47
I freakin cannot believe how exact this description matches my personality!!! Megaawesome! Awesome sauce! Big thanks to Chevy!:-*
ATHUL 2016-02-26 08:41:12
It's exactly correct.You showed what I'm 😨 🤔
shannon 2015-10-07 08:30:53
holy shit if you said the exact opposite of everything you just said you would have me pegged, i guess not all of us oct 6thers are cut from the same cloth eh? wrong its funny, not one damn thing in all that sounds at all like me
Revelation uche 2015-08-11 11:21:32
By what spirit was this zodiac signs written??
Mel 2015-07-22 08:02:11
My Husband and his Twin Sister both are born October 6th.. Ummm Yes- I've had bunches of Libra's friends and happily Married to one.. They inspire others to be kinder and Artsy adore... My Hubby is beautiful! Unconditional Love is utmost pleasure, yet some traits aren't.. and resolving those levels together has brought anguish throughout his learning phases .. and even mine, so this above article felt 95% true... Ok.. The 'contracts" and Money aspects.. cannot say for all, yet NO.. For Gosh,no... Unless, wealthy- Budget can be rough for someone who has a fancy pants beer budget, so moderation aka balance again.. Key to life! 🙂
Article though.. Yeah.. Good..The bad and the ugly at times. ehhh... natal charts also for the other planet aspects create more charm, or Mars in Leo/Scorpio..Ouchy temper!
Sadly, the negative 6th aspects are...well.. Unfortunately truthful for him, as well. Bottles up SO much trying to be the 'nice guy' to others, except the simple people who are near and dearest within his current direct Family circle instead and that is perfectly alright, except much more Love adored kindly when expressing... I'm An Aquarian,which varies for Spouses/Family/Friends ect... And one thing I do often remind him of.. Stop allowing others to walk on him, or take advantage, cause then I protect him and hurts me seeing others be selfish demanding of his time and is overall rudely cruel for them to ask, or expect.. No..
So advice.. If you're Married to a 6th, or are the 6th.. Freely express your emotional kinder side more communication wise, if not doing, cause build ups are def there when enduring that injustice victim stage.. Yes.. ya do that role well.. aka drama attention whore causing Libra younger immature stuff... (sigh)... Not becoming at times.. BE ONLY Honest... always.. equally...aka balance does flow when that comes.. Not covering up,nor hiding for self convenience either, as that destructiveness will come later on when that truth bubble surfaces from the deep dark waters to the air and POP.. Bursted bubble, so always just be nicer/kinder when stating the not so pretty aspects/truth, OR... Your build builds up ARE going to expose a side of you which isn't sexy divine, Libra..Nope.. Share more... even when those moments Ya gotta drop the ego and sometimes choose your Wars, rather try winning all your battles over nothing.. Hug more during those lonely times and don't avoid others, cause Isn't your time to speak, or avoid contact, after your felt hurt.. emotional distance isn't nice..spiteful, (or attention issue again). Express your creative side more and secrets are meant to stay that way with everyone.. Not for some aka imbalance again IF cat escapes the bag you told.. Shhhh....
Try opening up more mind wise, cause the stubborn phases aren't always about injustice regarding another person's doing, rather it becomes the self perceptive form seen when not allowing the full story to come about, or what was done prior to that 'injustice'.
Addictions, then anxiety overly causing imbalance, hence unsettling known many to have inner demons with drinking/drugs/gambling/ sex ect.. Ugh..
Plus, then from that moment....heart break, life event shocking the normal daily routine, or Family, or anything felt unfair...
Here comes the horrible spiral effect more so into a self loathing and such .. like watching a beautiful flower turn black brown wilting before your eyes and no water, sunlight you offer can help heal, or allow bloom.. IT's the soil which needs to be changed first, the can grow again..
-some suffer mostly from their shattered dreams of lost reality while soaring above those clouds... cannot be a fish and a bird lovelies.. no..
depression from bottling up emotions,not grasping life's form from others, or shallow desperation of fear against change... or projecting their fears meanly, loudly and lion like abruptly driven prolonged pains inward, rather expressing outward nicely in small doses, or one large before that volcano ups.. then break/melt downs... Sad to see/hear/ prevention is best.....they come around in time, then think clearly after destructive path met, or responsible for their caused self destructiveness.. and better evolving thereafter from those tides.. like storm clouds.. and tempers galore! stand back! Some also are very jealous within, or immature, so act as such to allow anyone to know... doing first..thinking after done. Parents gotta notice that phases.. Kid wise. And closer to parents at times, yet ages 1-8 are MOST crucial in formation, or back lash years after come outward with their own Family.. employers on this day.. awesome, aloof, or active when passionate.. And excellent employers to work for..
back rubs and lower tushy areas are for most Libra's so plat time is fun! scents, oils and feathers, silk is nicer. ;) And seduction I've noticed for the 6th's is best...Foreplay long lasting I cherish with mine. Yum!
Overall, inspire their thoughts with out being pushing, despite they at times can be demanding, yet in their time eventually do, even challenges when a strict time line to have something done, IF they choose and want it... all aboard.. If doubts... they will drag their indecisive feet until the cows come home aka passive aggressive forgetfulness a Yes there... typical anyone excuse...The Opp'
Also, can be lovely dovey when wanting something.. great charmers that way funny enough, or not..
just be patient, don't allow them to rule your world and make responsible for their actions, losses/forgetting, or whatever really, or they DO lose complete respect for ya, if not... balance.... and Be equally more caring- Give equally what ya get and get what ya give.. when sick... will care for you dearly.. Go out of their way to help those under the weather compassionately.. Just don't abuse the sick card, or they won't return your call when you ARE indeed ill..
anything for the lime light... Yup. 'Social" cast call always ready to perform for laughs, smiles and cat calls in public, so beware IF not ready for that type of attention to you, although fun watching and those are Simple moments to appreciate, as are the ones with loved ones, friends helping and not waiting for the larger moments to impact you.. No.. Rather, the tiniest ones are the best parts of the day... snuggling, coffee time/drinks, birthday cards from kids, bike rides, joy rides in the car holding hands, being there 100% to listen and talk, tighter swaying hugs, kite flying and cooking soup homemade, or extra flower in the vase.. romantic stuff, too.. noticing hair cuts and nails done, or massages had by your loved one... simple is best and memories are from those times.

Best traits and more kinder times... when THEY are Happiest completely.. all forms.. SO...make em happier... all ways...and if not.. Yikes! horrible..stan out.. temper
Their legendary sudden swift anger spells from not being equal also can cause opposites actions,too...caring people and SO social.. Libra Male's though.. Nice firm sexy butts and their smiles can even charm the most dangerous snake. Ladies Libra's a have their own charisma and eyes dance around singing to you when they enjoy your company..

One trait... Sensitive wishy washy, or full-filled creatures.. Yes... truly .. Open emotional hearts upon sleeves, if not learned young to hide their affections well.
Most can shake a tail feather and move, plus are good in the sack... (sorry to the Parent's reading.)
. They enjoy test driving relationships...Like fast or classic beauties... Car's! Just trying harder myself to stop doing that and more hugs aka ego swallowing when bicker matches.. the emotional distance for sucking up personal time I grasp.. I do myself.. hide away at times for a break from our kids and him, yet he prolongs than he should for his reasons and that is unfair.. Unjust. So, overall.. You guys rock!! DO adore the talents, painting, creating, tech savy Libra's I've known and many in Authority legal jobs.. he was until recently for a better door that opened. He writes-when his truest of heart set free the most sweetly heartfelt kind gorgeous sweeping me off my feet cute poems and we both enjoy cooking, too..
word also... grass is not always greener on the other side either.. so, full image consider FIRST, before avoiding... why they call finally after weeks/months ect.. society apperance.
TARBaby 2017-10-06 22:31:11
I'm not born on the 6th but shutting down to recharge our batteries is an overall Libra thing. First, much activity no matter what it is zaps our energy. Sometimes I can barely talk. Something happens on the inside that just stops the Will from doing anything. I don't see how it's controllable. Second, negative energy makes us want to war for what's right but again, we need to recharge.

Standing up for ourselves is not so important because taking one on the chin for others is what we would rather spend our energy on. As long as our environment is upbeat and serene we can stay charged.

Libras are not wishy-washy. This world's system and all of the reality proves too much to care for at times. Like, what do you want to eat? What color do you want the front door? How about food that is energizing, simple, and different for a change and a color that is welcoming. I don't care! Pick one!! That's not wishy-washy, that's just borderline boredom because you ask the same question three times a day, every day and you make things that seem irrelevant to be important.

We could be extremely wealthy but it's irrelevant for us. Money isn't a priority over enjoying life. If your fulfillment in life is having lots of money then don't marry a Libra. We are practical. We like to hold strong ethical beliefs and live within them. If we see money as a problem, we will steer clear of having a lot.

You can't pigeon hole a Libra because they don't like "same, old". If I were married to a person who runs off at the mouth, and are up then down, laughing hysterically to screaming at the top of their lungs, it is your instability that makes me run to recharge the batteries but before I go, "shut up" because I need peace at all times.
jona 2015-07-14 14:46:33
my s0n is also a libra.he is 9m0s.0ld,i jst wnted 2 have an idea b0ut his perz0nality
baldev singh 2015-07-08 13:37:35
I was born on 6th October 1950 don't remember time but was night I am not sure what my star is
irfan 2015-06-03 06:16:09
can relate to most of it 🙂
nadiya 2015-05-30 01:23:00
Very well true....its all abt meh
nembem 2015-03-10 05:51:44
Love it!!! All true and affirmative for me!!!
H. Mohan 2014-10-14 10:58:09
Almost all are true. I am frequently changing different type of jobs, but subsequently getting jobs. Now my age is 53. What will be the future for next 5 years (career point of view)
chloe wilkie 2014-08-25 06:03:22
this is all true for me!!!!

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