John Travolta

John Travolta got the Aquarius Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

February 18, 1954 is John Joseph Travolta?s birthday. He began his career as the swaggering Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back, Kotter (1975). He moved his fame into a big screen career with Grease (with Olivia Newton John) and Saturday Night Fever (1977) but his career stalled until 1989 when he played in Look Who?s Talking. He was a hitman in Pulp Fiction (1994) that garnered him an Oscar nomination for best actor. Travolta began working on stage in Who?ll Save the Plowboy? His mother then enrolled Travolta in a drama school where he learned to dance, act and sing. He soon became a musical comedy performer and at 16 he performed in Bye Bye Birdie. He worked in New York in summer stock and in television commercials. Travolta acted on television in The Rookies, Emergency and Medical Center. He made a movie The Devil?s Rain in 1975. Travolta is known for his cleft chin and sharp cheekbones. He usually dances in his movies and has a great New Jersey accent. He has materialized on the front of Rolling Stone four times and Harvard?s Hasty Pudding Club was awarded Travolta the honor as Man of the Year (1981). Travolta married actress Kelly Preston in (1992 and they had three children (Jett died from complications). Travolta is an avid pilot and is licensed to fly many different types of planes. Travolta added thirty pounds to star in Primary Colors (1998) and was told to lose the weight for Swordfish (2001). Some of Travolta?s films include Get Shorty, Broken Arrow, Phenomenon, Face/Off and A Civil Action. He also was the star in The General?s Daughter, Battlefield Earth and Ladder 49 (2004). You can see Travolta in Forger (2014), Killing Season (2013), Savages (2012) and The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009). He is awesome in Wild Hogs (2007) and Hairspray (2007).

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