George Gordon Byron

George Gordon Byron got the Aquarius Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Born on January 22, 1788 in Aberdeen Scotland, George Byron inherited his family?€™s English title of Lord at ten. He became Baron Byron of Rochdale. Byron was born with a deformed foot which kept him isolated during his youth. He was unhappy, attracted to men and raised on an estate that was very run down. Byron studied at Aberdeen Grammar School and Trinity College. He published his first volumes of poetry during this time. Fugitive Pieces was printed in 1806 and published anonymously. The collection was considered obscene because of the erotic verses. He burned all but four copies of the book. In 1807 he published his second poetry collection Hours of Idleness. Lord Byron was terribly in debt and scorned by his countrymen. He travelled to Greece where he began to write poetry in earnest. He wrote Childe Harold?€™s Pilgrimage about a world-weary young man looking for the meaning in the world. When the first two cantos were published in 1812, the volumes sold out in moments. His fame was among the aristocracy who read and discussed literature. He was invited to the most prestigious families and received fan letters. He released his remaining cantos in 1818. Lord Byron was very outspoken in regards to politics and spoke in favor of workers?€™ rights and social reforms. He published romantic tales in verse. His persona life remained rocky. He married and divorced Anne Isabell Milbanke who accused Byron of incest to sodomy. Love affairs followed and by 1816 he was told he would be lynched if he came out in public. Byron settled in Italy and wrote his masterpiece, Don Juan. Lord Byron was constantly sick with colds and fevers. He died on April 19, 1924 at 36. Don Juan was not finished, but what remains is considered one of the greatest long poems written. Lord Byron was characterized by his passion, rebellion, talent and influence in the works of Romantic poets.

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