Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski got the Aquarius Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Born Nastassia Aglaia Nakszynski on January 24, 1961 Nastassja Kinski is the daughter of Klaus Kinski and unpredictable actor and Ruth Brigitte Tocki, actress. Nastassja is currently a German actress and a former model. She has appeared in at least sixty films in the US and Europe. Nastassja?Äôs early childhood was spent in a commune in Munich after she, her mother and siblings were abandoned by their crazy controlling father. To help with family finances, Nastassja made her film debut in Wim Wender?Äôs German move The Wrong Move (1975) at 16. She then worked in the long-running German crime series Tatort (1970-). At the age of 16, Kinski appeared in the British horror thriller To the Devil, a Daughter where she appeared nude onscreen. She then came under the influence of Roman Polanski who taught her the Lee Strasberg Method of acting. She played a significant dramatic role in Tess in 1979 that launched her to international success. Richard Avedon, photographer, photographed Kinski nude with a giant snake wrapped around her body. This poster became one of the most recognizable images of the 20th century. Kinski appeared in One from the Heart (1982), Cat People and a series of B-grade movies made in Italy. Additional movie roles included The Moon in the Gutter with Gerard Depardieu and in Paris, Texas in 1984. During the filming of The Hotel New Hampshire in 1984 Kiniski had a brief affair with Rob Lowe, broke off the affair and started a relationship with Quincy Jones. Kinski?Äôs career carried on with parts in Little Boy Blue opposite Ryan Phillippe and One Night Stand with Westley Snipes. Her main acting and movie focus turned to HBO where she had a part in The Day the World Ended. Kinski has been a prolific actress with parts in Town & Country with Warren Beatty, .com for Murder in 2003, and the supporting role in La Femme Musketeer and Dangerous Liaisons in 2004.

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