Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau got the Aquarius Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Born in Paris France on January 23, 1928, Jeanne Moreau is a French actress who has a very distinctive style both on stage and in film. The movie that made her a star is Elevator to the Gallows in 1958 which was followed by The Lovers. She made many films in France and acted on stage. Moreau did not like the characters she play; they were not her but her best role as Catherine in Jules and Jim in 1962 was distinctly like her; a woman with a smile and a mind. Moreau also directed films and made her first director job in Lumiere in 1976. She wrote the script and played one of the parts. Moreau has an earthy sexuality and is adept at playing emotionally unstable characters. She also directed stage plays with Wit in 2000 being her debut. Orson Welles considered Moreau as one of the greatest actresses in the world. Moreau was also political. She signed a manifesto against abortion laws in France. Moreau also holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Lancaster in the UK. You can also hear Moreau on many albums. She does has a substantial singing career. Along with Brigitte Bardot Moreau played in Viva Maria in 1965. This was one of the top film events of 1965. Moreau is a Fellow of the British Film Institute for her outstanding contributions to film. She was married to Jean-Louis Richard, they divorced and had one child. She married Teodoro Ruanis and they divorced. She then married William Friedkin and they too were divorced.

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