Georges Bizet

Georges Bizet was born in Earth Dog - Mou Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

The composer of Carmen, one of the most well-known operas, was born On October 25, 1838 in Paris, France. He was originally named Alexandre Cesar Leopold Bizet, but called Georges. Bizet won many awards at the Conervtoire de Paris including Prix de Rome in 1857. He was an outstanding pianist but did not perform in public. During his early years he earned his living by transcribing and arranging the music of other composers. After Bizet?s stint in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871 he wrote a one-act opera Djamileh. This opera had little success. Bizet?s opera Carmen was delayed since the themes of murder and betrayal might be offensive. Bizet was convinced his work was a failure. Most of Bizet?s work was lost or given away and his published workers were revised. Bizet?s early compositions indicated that Bizet had a great talent as a melodist. His Symphony in C in 1855 received praise and it was felt by critics Bizet?s talents were in instrumental music composition. Bizet?s untimely death on June 3, 1875 brought to an end the possibility of opera being revolutionized. Bizet married Genevieve Halevy on June 3, 1869 after great opposition from Genevieve?s family. Bizet and Genevieve had one son, but their marriage was beset with mother-in-law interference and Genevieve?s nervous disposition.
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