ENZO ENZO was born in Earth Dog - Mou Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Korin Ternovtzeff was born in Paris in 1960, had a spectacular happy childhood and grew into an easy-going teen. Korin left her teenage years in the late 1970s and began a wild frenzy of craziness and punk. She went from learning to play bass in 1978, shifting stage equipment to performing. Enzo Enzo teamed with with Violaine, a drummer and they formed a group entitled Lili Drop. They did very well in the 1980s and their first singles Banal and T?€™oublier hit the charts. In 1981 the trio went their ways and Enzo went on to launch a solo career. She concentrating on singing rather than her bass guitar and rock music. Her first single Je veux jouer a tout was well received. She took a short break from music, gave birth to Lou and returned to the studio in 1984. She recorded Blanche Neige and turned from Korin into Enzo Enzo. Enzo Enzo and her Spanish partner Roe created flamenco-grunge sounds and composed scores for modern dance and ballet. She moved on from Roe and recorded a solo single Pacifico. Enzo Enzo performed at the Passage du Nord Ouest, the Francofolies Festival, and toured Japan becoming superstar there. She recorded her second album Deux in 1994 and it was an enormous hit. In 1995 Enzo Enzo was hailed as Best Singer of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique and she went on to tour Europe with Kent. They formed a very creative double act. In 2001 Enzo Enzo released her album Jour d?€™a?€™cote which included Allain Leprest, Jacques Duvall, Bertrand Pierre, and Kent. In 2010 Enzo Enzo released Tetue, performed at the Europeen, and went on tour to present her new album. Also in 2010 Enzo Enzo came out with a CD-book called Pinocchio court toujours which is a children?€™s opera. Enzo Enzo played the Blue Fairy.
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