Billy Idol

Billy Idol was born in Earth Dog - Mou Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

On November 30, 1955 in Standmore England, William Michael Albert Broad aka Billy Idol was born. He moved to New York City when he was 2, but returned four years later to England. Billy loved the rock music, cars and lifestyle in American. Billy was a fairly normal child, attended church regularly and joined the Boy Scouts. He was bright, but bored. A teacher wrote ?€?Billy is Idle?€? on one of his papers and the name stuck. Idol began hanging out with bored friend in 1975 and began following the Sex Pistols. He dropped out of the university and formed The Rockettes with Steve Upstone. They played cover for the Animals, The Beatles and The Doors. Idol moved on to another band, the Generation X and they played their first live concert in 1976. They wrote and recorded original materials and in 1977 they were offered a Contact. After three albums Billy decided to go solo. Idol released his album Billy Idol in 1982. He produced videos for his songs White Wedding and Dancing with Myself. He had peroxided spiky hair, leathers and a perpetual sneer. His Rebel Yell in 1984 was hugely successful. His antics generated as much publicity as his music and his Vital Idol was released in1985. He was in the spotlight with Whiplash Smile and nominated for a Grammy. Idol moved to L.A., worked with The Who and released another album Charmed Life. He was in a serious motorcycle accident and almost lost a leg. After being confined to bed for six months he made a video Cradle of Love. The album was a success and achieved platinum sales. In 1991 he made his screen debut in The Doors. 1993 Idol changed to dreadlocks and his singing to techno beats. His album flopped and he sank into drug addiction. He overdosed in 1994 and calmed down after he was released. In 1998 a cameo appearance in the move The Wedding Singer brought him fame. He is currently working with other artists on new material, has toned down his lifestyle and is becoming the father (he has 2 children) he is meant to be. He is known to be a gentle, sensitive and very intelligent man.
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