Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker was born in Earth Rabbit - Chi Mao Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born August 19, 1939 Peter Edward Baker better known as Ginger, was born in England and performed with the bands Cream and Blind Faith. He is best recognized for his use of African influence in his music. Ginger Baker is also known to work with Gary Moor, Hawkwind and Public Image Ltd. Baker is highly flamboyant and uses two bass drums instead of a single. Baker has been described as one of the most influential percussionists of the 1960s. Heavy metal drummers use Baker?s style in some aspects of their music. Baker performed long drum solos during some of his performances with Cream and he is also noted for using both sticks to attack the drums at the same time. Ginger Baker performed with Bill Laswell, Charlie Haden, Bill Frisell, plus Fela Kuti. Ginger has been a member of Hawkwind Atomic Roosters, Pubic Image Ltd, in addition to the group Blind Faith. Ginger recorded with the rock group Ginger Baker?s Air Force. From 1970 until 1976 Baker lived in Nigeria and recorded albums with Baker Guritz Army. Baker is known to work with Eric Clapton during a group of concerts at Madison Square Garden. Ginger Baker is the subject of a 2012 documentary film Beware of Mr. Baker. It won the grand jury award in Austin Texas for the best documentary film. This film was also nominated for the Grierson Award at the British Film Institute Awards (2012). Read his biography, Hellraiser that is all about the world?s greatest drummer.
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