Faye Wong

Faye Wong was born in Earth Rooster - Chi Yu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on August 8, 1969 in Beijing China, Wang Fei, Shirley Wong or Faye Wong is a Hong Kong/Chinese diva best known for her singing and acting. Wong found more freedom in her music after a trip to New York and back to Hong Kong and she started using the sounds of R n B in her songs and writing her own music. She had a quirky sense of fashion and strange on-stage antics. Wong only cares about music and her first album had no cover; just a white casing and booklet. Wong released Restless in 1995 with eight original songs by her and two in collaboration with the Cocteau Twins. This album is considered her best work. There is one song purely instrumental and four in a gibberish invented by Wong. Wong left EMI and sing with Sony Records and her first release To Love earned her nominations for Best album, Female Artist, Producer and Best Lyrics and Arrangement. Wong is known to be aloof with the media and her fans and frequently skips out on awards ceremonies. She won best actress awards at a Swedish film festival for her role in Chungking Express. She also won the best actress award in Hong Kong for Chinese Odyssey 2002. She is most known for her singing done in her native Mandarin. Wong was married to Wei Dou in 1996and they divorced in1999. They had one child. She married Yapeng Li in 2005 and they are now divorced with two children to their credit. Won is still one of the biggest pop singers in Asia. She is well known for her Eyes on Me song that is the theme to Final Fantasy 8. You will still see Wong wearing a red string around her right hand. This symbolizes Buddhism. At one time Wong was the main spokesperson for Pepsi in Asia. Rumors circulate that Wong is working on a new album to be released in 2014.
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