Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev was born in Earth Tiger - Keng Yin Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Rudolf Nureyev born March 17, 1938 in Russia trained at the Leningrad Ballet School and was a principle of the Kirov Ballet. He acted in Russian films (Le Corsaire 1958). In 1961 Nureyev defected to the West. He soon became a darling of ballet and performed internationally. He officially became an Austrian citizen in 1982. The documentary I Am A Dancer (1972) featured Nureyev and his partner Margo Fonteyn. In 1977 he acted in Valentino and played the part of Rudolph Valentino and in the movie (his last) Exposed in 1983. In 1982 he danced in The King and I on the US stage. Before he was even 30 the world considered Nureyev the greatest living male dancer. He kept all the ballet slippers he owned and wore for sentimental reasons. Nureyev created high publicity when he appeared on The Muppet Show in 1976. After Nureyev?€™s appearance celebrities were eager to appear on The Muppets. Nureyev never married and was reputed to be a closeted homosexual. At the time of Nureyev?€™s life it was immoral and illegal to be homosexual. This caused him to keep his true nature inside and his relationships hidden. Perhaps this secrecy contributed to his hostility and anger. He did not reveal his sexual preferences during his lifetime. Nureyev died on January 6, 1993 in Paris France due to the ravages of AIDS. His full name is Rudolf Hametovich Nureyev but his friends called him Rudi.
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