Laurent Fabius

Laurent Fabius was born in Fire Dog - Ping Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on August 20, 1946 Fabius is a Socialist politician who is the Foreign Minister of France. He was appointed to this office on May 16, 2012. He served as Prime Minister from July 19854 to March 1986. He was only 37 when he was appointed Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic. Fabius was chosen Minister of the Budget by Mitterrand in 1981, two years he was appointed as Minister of Industry. He work on industrial restructuration. In 1984 Fabius was appointed as Prime Minister. He worked for a new category of French socialism which acknowledged the market economy. He replaced allowances for orphans with a family support stipend and empowered family payments to help with child provisions when a parent failed to pay. He reduced penalties on family with working mothers and created a parental education fund. He worked to limit the penal code that prohibited discrimination on the grounds of moral habits. However great his policies were for France the Fabius Government?Äôs incapacity to avert unemployment and gender inequality caused the defeat of the socialists in the 1986 legislative elections. He resigned as prime minister. Fabius was a candidate in the Socialist Party?Äôs selection for the 2007 presidential election. Fabius finished third. However he was re-elected to the National Assembly in the June 2007 parliamentary elections. Fabius was married to Francoise Castro, but they divorced.
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