Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos was born in Fire Dog - Ping Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on June 15, 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt Artemios Ventouris Roussos had international hit records as a solo singer in the 1970s and as a member of Aphrodite?€™s Child. Roussos family immigrated to Greece and here Roussos began singing in musical groups when he was only 17. He met Evangelos Papathanassiou or Vangelis and Loukas Sideras. They were his future bandmates in Aphrodite?€™s Child a progressive rock band. Roussos continued to record with Vangelis after Aphrodite?€™s Child broke up and in1970 they released Sex Power. In 1977 they made the album Magic together and Race to the End was their most successful collaboration. They also made the Oscar winning film song Chariots of Fire and Roussos sang Tales of the Future for Blade Runner in 1982. He recorded in many different languages including Japanese. For years Roussos struggled with weight problems. He began to diet in 1980 and lost 50 kg in 10 months. He co-authored A Question of Weight in 1982 where he deals with his obesity struggles. Roussos had the dubious fame of being one of the hostages during the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. (1985). He went on to record Young Love in 1989 which reached #2 in the German music hit parade. In 1993 Roussos released Insight and he worked with BR Music in Holland to produce Immortal, Serenade and In Holland. In 2006 Roussos released Live in Brasil. He was part of the Age Tendre Et Tetes De Bois tour in 2008. He had a comeback in 2009 and Roussos was seen at the Fairmont Hotel in Baku for a concert in 2013.
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