John Woo

John Woo was born in Fire Dog - Ping Hsu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on September 23, 1946 in Guangzhou, China Yusen Wu or John Woo lived in Hong Kong for most of his life. His directing career started in 1969 as a subordinate director. He directed his first film in 1973 and A Better Tomorrow in 1986 established his as a master director for extremely violent thrillers and gangster films. Woo is known for his slow motion frame series and using a dove as a symbol his films. His characters generally have a gun in both hands and actors are often involved in Mexican Standoffs. Woo never allows his characters (lead) to harm or ill innocent people. In 1993 Woo directed Hard Target. He also made The Killer in 1989, City on Fire in 1987, Windtalkers in 2002 and Paycheck in 2003. Typical Hollywood films for Woo include Broken Arrow, Face/Off and Mission Impossible II. He is currently directing The Crossing due to be released in 2014. Woo and Annie Woo Ngau Chun-lung married in 1976 and they are still married. They have three children.
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