Francois Mitterand

Francois Mitterand was born in Fire Dragon - Ping Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on October 26, 1916 in Jarnac France Francois Mitterrand was first in the French forces in WWII, secretary of the Socialist Party (1971) and attempted to unity the French Left. Mitterrand was elected president of France in 1981 and again in 1988. He retired at the end of his second term in 1995 and passed away in Paris in 1996. Mitterrand grew up in a middle class family and went to College Saint-Paul in Angouleme. He relocated to Paris to further his studies at the University of Paris where he studied politics and the law. After his escape from a German prisoner of war camp Mitterrand began working with the Vichy government to help former prisoners of war. He kept this connection with a Nazi backed administration concealed from the public. At the same time Mitterrand was working for French Resistance forces. Through his work with the Resistance movement Mitterrand met Charles de Gaulle. Mitterrand served in de Gaulle?€™s provisional government and was elected to the National Assembly in 1946. He was also minister for war veterans, minister for justice and minister for the interior. Mitterrand became an enemy of de Gaulle?€™s and his political career lapsed for a few years. He became secretary of the Socialist Party (1971) and with the back of Communists and Socialists Mitterrand won the presidency. In 1981, Mitterrand, as the president of France, instigated social and political reforms, attempted to nationalize banks and improve worker?€™s pay. He combated job stagnation and unemployment and abolished the death penalty. Mitterrand and Chancellor Kohn forged the Treaty of Maastricht for European Union 1991. Increasingly troubled economic affairs plus health problems caused a downturn in Mitterrand?€™s presidency. Mitterrand died in Paris on January8, 1996. Mitterrand was survived by his wife Danielle, two sons and a daughter. Mitterrand unfortunately is remembered for his friendship of wartime Vichy collaborators, political corruption and extra marital affairs.
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