Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was born in Fire Horse - Ping Wu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana Janet Damita Jo Jackson is the sister of Michael Jackson. She is an actress, recording superstar, dancer and social advocate. Janet is best known for her socially conscious and sexually stimulating recordings, her stage shows, television and film roles. Janet has been prominent in popular music culture for at least 25 years. She began her career in the television series The Jacksons in 1976 and performed on Good Times and Fame. Janet signed a contract with A&M in 1982. The release of her third studio album Control in 1986 proved she was a star in her own right. She uses rhythm and blues, disco, rap, funk, and industrial beats in her music. Janet has received recognition of her records, music videos, choreography and roles on MTV. She is a role model for singers who use socially conscious lyrics. 1991 saw Janet as one of the highest paid artists in the music industry. Her album Janet in 1993 began her public image as a sex symbol. Janet appeared in Poetic Justice which established her as an actress. Ranked as one of the best-selling artists in contemporary music, eleventh highest selling female artist in the U.S., and is on the Billboard magazine list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists for 2008. From 2010 to the present day Janet has acted in Why Did I Get Married Too?, recorded the song Nothing, and modeled for Blackglama clothing in mink fur. She starred in Fro Colored Girls and received a lack Reel Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress and Outstanding Ensemble. Janet Jackson endorsed Nutrisystem in 2012 and sponsored their weight-loss program. She released her book True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself in 2011. The book outlines her lifelong weight issues. Janet is active in UNICEF to help starving children, contributes to AIDS research and has chaired the Cinema Against AIDS gala. Janet has inspired many performers. She is an icon and historic figures. She is an artist that people look up to and emulate. Britney Spears, Ciara, and Beyonce are direct ?€?students?€? of Janet Jackson.
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