Henri de Montherlant

Henri de Montherlant was born in Fire Monkey - Ping Shen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born on April 20, 1895 Henry Marie Joseph Frederic Expedite Millon de Montherlant is a French dramatist, novelist and essayist. His first success was The Bachelor in 1934 and a set of four interlocked works, Les Jeunes Filles or the Young Girls in 1939. He sold millions of copies of this novel and it was translated in 13 languages. He novel Chaos and Night was published in 1963. Montherlant was known for his anti-feminist and misogynistic views. He wrote Pasiphae in 1936, Le Reine morte in 1942, Port-Royal in 1954, Le ma?tre de Santiago in 1947, and Le Cardinal d?€™ Espagne in 1960. These are plays he is remembered for. He was an essayist who wrote the assortment L?€™Equinoxe de septembre in 1938. He often censured the commonplace of the French and in Le Solstice de Juin in 1941 he claims that France had been justly conquered in 1940. He wrote articles for the Paris Weekly La grebe which was a pro-Nazi publication. Montherlant wrote homosexual themes in his works including the play La ville don?€™t le price est un enfant in 1952 and his novel The Boys in 1943. Montherlant was presented the Grand Prix de Litteratue de l?€™Academie francaisea and the English Northcliff Prizes. In 1960 he was elected as an associate of the Academie Francaise. He never married and died in 1972 by a gunshot to the head after ingesting a cyanide capsule.
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