St Jerome

St Jerome was born in Fire Pig - Ting Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Saint Jerome was born around 347 AD and died September 30 420. He was a priest, confessor historian and theologian. He was born and raised on the border of Balmatia and Pannonia. He is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin. He is also known for his commentaries on the Gospel of the Hebrews. He has a long list of writings and philosophies. St. Jerome is a saint according to the Catholic Church as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Lutheran Church and the Church of England. On September 30 his life is commemorated with a memorial. He was a scholar and fluent in Greek. He was also somewhat conversant in Hebrew. He began his translation of the Bible in 382 by correcting the existing Latin version and then turned to translating the Hebrew bible from Hebrew. He had completed his work by 405. St. Jerome produced commentaries on Scripture and explained his translation for using the original Hebrew rather than other translations. His commentaries aligned with Jewish tradition and the Alexandrian school. St. Jerome is also a historian. One of his earliest works was Chronicle composed around 380 in Constantinople. This is a Latin translation that comprises the second part of the Chronicon of Eusebius. Jerome?€™s epistles have a great variety of subject matter and their quality of form and style are important parts of his literature. He discusses problems of scholarship or reasons on conscious and paints a vivid picture of his own mind and the age he lived in.
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