Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson was born in Fire Rat - Ping Tzu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Sherwood Anderson was born September 3, 1876 and was known for his self-revealing literature. Anderson was self-educated but rose to become a copywriter and business owner. During his business career, Anderson penned many short story collections, novels, memoirs and essays. His books sold fairly well. In 1925 Anderson wrote Dark Laugher which was the only bestseller of his writing career. Anderson?s writing style influenced William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck plus Thomas Wolfe. Anderson?s experiences with literature began when he worked as a chore boy in a boardinghouse, The Oaks in Chicago. Here many creative and somewhat bohemian types became friendly with Sherwood. Trillena White, a high school teacher introduced Anderson to fine literature. She was the inspiration for many of the characters in Sherwood?s writing including those in his short story collection titled Wineburg, Ohio. Anderson?s career took him to the Frank B. White Advertising Company where Sherwood sold ads and wrote advertising copy. Anderson?s first professional publication The Farmer Wears Clothes came out of his experience with farmers and advertising. Anderson moved to Cleveland and became president of United Factories Company a mail order firm. The stress from this job caused a nervous breakdown and a move to Elyria, Ohio. Here Anderson?s entrepreneurial spirit produced the American Merchants Company or a profit-sharing/investment firm. A supposed nervous breakdown lead to amnesia, subsequent hospitalization, divorce and writing career. Anderson?s writing did not emphasize plot but used a precise and unemotional style to portray frustrated and lonely characters. Anderson introduced insights from psychology into his writings which was unusual. In 1923 Anderson wrote Many Marriages which explored new sexual freedoms. He later wrote Dark Laughter which became one of his finest novels. Death came to Sherwood Anderson on March 8, 1941 at the age of 64. It was revealed that Anderson had accidentally swallowed a toothpick which damaged his internal organs and caused peritonitis.
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