Raymond Poulidor

Raymond Poulidor was born in Fire Rat - Ping Tzu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Born in France on April 15, 1936 Raymond Poulidor became a professional bicycle rider in 1961 bringing with him plenty of class and taking first place in a Grand Tour and two major bicycle racing classics. He won Vuelta a Espana in 1964 and came in second in 1965. He won the Milan-San Remo Classic in 1961 and the Fleche Wallone Classic in 1963. He is loved by his French fans for the races he did not win. Poulidor raced in the Tour de France fourteen times and finished twelve times. He placed second on three races and third on five more Tour de France. Poulidor was the highest placed French rider for years even as he aged. At the age of forty he raced in the Tour de France and placed third (1976). Poulidor raced against Anquetil (French) through his career but he never won against the powerful rider. However the ?€?more unlucky I was, the more the public liked me and the more money I earned?€? said Poulidor. His name became symbolic with those who tried their hardest but did not win. It was his greatest claim to fame and a very endearing title. Poulidor was the first bicycle rider to be tested for drugs in the Tour de France (1966). His agreement to the test and subsequent indifferent feelings about the testing did not sit well with his fellow riders. Poulidor felt he was punished by his fellow riders because of this indifference. Throughout his career Poulidor stayed with Cycles Mercier, his sponsor. He raced under the colors of Mercier-BP, Fagor-Mercier and Gan-Mercier and Miko-Mercier. Currently Poulidor resides in St-Leonard-de-Noblat near Limoges with his wife Gisele. He daughter Corinne is married to a cyclo-cross champion and his grandsons are also cyclists. Poulidor?€™s thoughts: ?€?. I thought what was happening to me was already marvelous enough. I never thought of winning. Never, ever, did I get up in the morning with the idea of winning.?€?
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