Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula got the Libra Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Born on October 9, 1954 in St. Louis, Missouri Scott Stewart Bakula is a talented singer, television actor, and film star. He started a rock band in the fourth grade and wrote their songs. In later years he sang with the St. Louis Symphony. Bakula studied law at the University of Kansas, but decided to act professionally. He was hired to play Sam in Shenandoah and moved to New York. He made several television movies and had small roles in television before he was picked to star in Quantum Leap in 1989. Bakula won a Golden Globe in 1992 for his performance in Quantum Leap. He was also nominated for a Tony award in 1988. Bakula appeared in a few feature films include Lord of Illusions in 1995 and American Beauty in 1999. In 2001 he was picked to play Captain Jonathan Archer in television?€™s Enterprise, a spin off the Star Trek Series. Bakula was on the cover of the 1995 March issue of Playgirl Magazine. He stated that he would enjoy doing a nude scene in a movie role. One of the songs in Quantum Leap: Piano Man - 1991 was sung by Bakula. You can find this in single format on a CD. Bakula married Krista Newmann in 1981 and they divorced in 1995. Bakula and Krista have two children. He is currently married to Chelsea Field and they have two children. His daughter Chelsey Bakula appeared in a Quantum Leap episode in 1993.

The Twelve-Month Western Zodiac Cycle:
March 21 - April 20

April 21 - May 20, 21

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