Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova got the Libra Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Born on October 18, 1956 Navratilova is a Czech tennis player and coach. She was a world #1 for 332 weeks in singles, and for 237 weeks she was on top as a double player. Navratilova was the champion of Grand Slam singles titles 18 times, won 31 key women?€™s doubles titles plus 10 foremost mixed doubles titles. She played at Wimbledon 12 times and won the title nine times. Navratilova had her Czech citizenship taken away when she requested political asylum and received temporary citizenship. Martina pledged to be a US citizen in 1981 and 2008 her Czech citizenship was restored. Navratilova is a member of the Laureus World Sport Academy and serves as the Health and Fitness Ambassador for AARP. She is involved with charities that help animal rights, underprivileged children and gays. In 1981 Navratilova came out publicly about her sexual orientation and during the 1980s she was involved with author Rita Mae Brown. From 1984 to1991 Navratilova had a relationships with Judy Nelson. In 1985 Navratilova released he autobiography titled Martina. She has also written three mystery novels The Total Zone 1994, Breaking Point in 1996 and Killer Instinct in 1997. She wrote a health and fitness book Shape Your Self (2006). Navratilova was selected as the greatest female tennis player in the year 1965 through 2005. She was named as an LGBT History Month Icon in 2006 and The Tennis Channel designated Navratilova as one of the greatest female tennis players ever in 2012. In 2013 Navratilova was one of the first inductees into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.

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