Marcello Mastroianni

Marcello Mastroianni got the Libra Zodiac sign of the Western Astrology

Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastroianni was born in Fontana Liri, Italy on September 28, 1924. He moved with his family to Turin and Rome after his birth. During WWII Mastroianni was interred in a German prison camp where he escaped and hid in Venice until the end of the war. His Chinese sign of the Rat and Zodiac symbol of Libra give him special romantic and artistic abilities. He worked in amateur theater briefly but became an Italian movie star in the 1950s. Mastroianni is the consummate European male with the suave and sophisticated demeanor you expect from Italian actors. One of Mastroianni?s best loved films was the 1960 La Dolce Vita with Anita Ekberg. He played a self-loathing tabloid columnist who spent his time exploring Rome?s high society. In 8 ? Mastroianni brought to the forefront of critics who hailed him as a ??Latin lover?? persona. Mastroianni and Sophia Loren paired up for 14 films over a twenty year period and were known as one of the most enduring screen couples in cinema history. They made history in Divorce, Italian Style, A Special Day and Dark Eyes. Mastroianni won the Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival twice; once in 1970 and once in 1987 and was nominated for an Academy Award three times. Mastroianni punctuated his life with a series of love affairs that began with his marriage to Flora Carabella in 1950. They had one child together, Barbara. They never divorced. Mastroianni had a two year love affair with Faye Dunaway and another with Catherine Deneuve. Deneuve and Mastroianni have one daughter, Chiara. Mastroianni lived with filmmaker Anna Maria Tato from 1976 until he died in 1996 of pancreatic cancer. After his death was announced The Trevi Fountain in Rome was turned off and wrapped in black.

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