Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Engels was born in Metal Dragon - Ken Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

November 28, 1820 in Germany Friedrich ENGELS was born. He was an author, political theorist, and a philosopher. Engels He is known as a collaborator of Marxist theory in conjunction with Karl Marx. He published The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1845 which was based on extensive research and personal observations. He wrote the Communist Manifest with Marx and financially supported Marx while he did research and wrote Das Kapital. Engels was an atheist and took part in revolutionary activities like the Baden and Palatinate revolutionary uprising. When Engels was 17 he dropped out of high school and went to work as a non-paid office clerk in a commercial house in Bremen. He began reading Hegel and in 1838 published his first work The Bedouin. He joined the Prussian Army in 1841 and anonymously published articles in the Rheinische Zeitung that exposed living and employment conditions of factory workers. In 1842 Engels went to Manchester England where he met Mary Burns. They began a relationship that lasted for several years but both were against marriage. To Engels and Burns marriage was a form of class oppression. Engels wrote Outline of a Critique of Political Economy and The Condition of England from 1843 to 1844. Engels went to Paris in 1844. He worked with Marx on The Holy Family which was an attack on the Young Hegelians and the Bauer brothers. They joined a society called the League of the Just to promote an egalitarian society and overthrow existing governments. Engels moved to Brussels where he organized the city?€™s German workers. He also joined the German Communist League. The League commissioned Engels and Marx to write a pamphlet explaining communism. This is known as The Manifesto of the Communist Party or the Communist Manifesto. It was published in 1848 and states, let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. In 1970 Engels moved to London where he and Marx stayed until Marx died in1883. After Marx?€™s death Engels dedicated his time to revising Marx?€™s unfinished volumes of Capital. He also advanced the notice that family structure changes over time and the concept of monogamous marriage was a class issue. Engels died of throat cancer in London in 1985. He was cremated.
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