Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen was born in Metal Dragon - Ken Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez or Martin Sheen was born on August 3, 1940 in Dayton Ohio. He is a multiple Emmy and Golden Glove award winner and one of America?€™s most colorful actors. Sheen?€™s acting range is huge. He has appeared in more than 65 high end films including Apocalypse Now in 1975 as well as Wall Street with Charlie Sheen in 1987. He was in Ghandi, an Academy Award winning film in 1982 and Catch Me If You Can in 2002. Sheen played in the American President in 1995 and The Subject was Roses in 1968. In 2006 Sheen had a major part in The Departed and joined another high profile cast for Bobby in 2006. This was a story written and directed by Emilio Estevez, his son. Sheen was nominated six times for his roles as President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing (1999). He won six of his Golden Globes for this series. Sheen has also won for his appearances on Murphy Brown in 1988 and he was awarded an Emmy for directing daytime and television programs. He was selected for an Emmy for his performance on Two and a Half Men in 2003. He received a Golden Globe nomination for his portray of John F. Kennedy in Kennedy in 1983. He has been married to Janet Sheen from 1961 until the present and they have four children. His films reflect his liberal political views and he is known for his probing stare. Sheen has been arrested more than 70 times for his liberal protests on military bases and public concerns.
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