Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch was born in Metal Dragon - Ken Chen Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Jo Raquel Tejada was born on September 6, 1940 I Chicago, Illinois. She is best known as international sex symbol Raquel Welch who was introduced to audiences in a furry prehistoric bikini in One Million Year B.C. in 1966. She produced the best-selling pin-up poster of the time. She began her career at the age of two when she took dance lessons. Raquel ran in several beauty contests and won most of them. She studied theater arts at San Diego State College in 1958. Raquel was a TV weather announcer in San Diego and quit college. She left for to Dallas, Texas where she was a model for Neiman-Marcus and thrived as a barmaid. She returned to California and begin auditioning for film and TV. She played in Bewitched in 1964, McHale?€™s Navy in 1962 and the Virginian in 1962. She was in Roustabouts in 1964 with Elvis Presley and Do Not Disturb in 1965. Raquel played in Bedazzled with Dudley Moore in 1967 and was the secret agent sex pot in Fathom in 1967. In 1969 she was in 100 Rifles and in Myra Breckinridge in 1970. The majority of Raquel?€™s?€™ 1970 films bombed. She was awful in Kansas City Bomber and The Wild Party. She did win a Golden Globe for The Three Musketeers in 1973 and was okay in The Last of Sheila in 1973. Raquel played in TV movies, The Legend of Walks Far Woman in 1982 and Right to Die in 1987. She developed beauty products in infomercials and exercise videos. At the age of 70 Raquel is still beautiful and has been in the TV series American Family in 2002 and Welcome to the Captain in 2008. She has been in Legally Blonde in 2001 and Forget About It in 2006. Raquel was married James Westley Welch from 1959 to 1965 and they had two children. She married Patrick Curtis in 1967 until 1972 when they divorced. She then married Andre Weinfield in 1980 until 1990. She is currently married to Richard Palmer but they are legally separated.
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