Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel was born in Metal Snake - Chi Szu Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Arthur Ira Garfunkel aka Art Garfunkel was born in Forest Hills, New York on November 5, 1941. He sang with Paul Simon in the 1950s as the duo Tom and Jerry and they had a hit in 1957 with Hey, School Girl. The duo broke up but years later reunited under Simon & Garfunkel. Garfunkel was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 as a member of Simon & Garfunkel. He reunited with Paul Simon for a tour in 2003. Garfunkel has a Master?€™s of Science in Mathematics. Garfunkel had a top 10 hit, three top 20 hits and six top 40 hits. He also enjoys 14 adult contemporary top 30 singles and five Adult Contemporary number one hits. In the UK he has two number on hits and a People?€™s Choice Award. He has earned six Grammies with musical partner Paul Simon. With Paul Simon, Garfunkel released their first album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. It was not a success and the duo split up again. However, The Sound of Silence from the album was released as a single that went #1 on the Billboard pop charts. Simon & Garfunkel joined up again and recorded Sounds of Silence, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Bookends and Bridge over Troubled Water. They worked on the soundtrack of The Graduate (Mrs. Robinson). In 1968 the duo went to the UK where Garfunkel?€?s solo performance of For Emily, Wherever I may Find Her received a standing ovation. The pair split up again, but reunited when they received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. They went on a US Old Friends concert series and a 2004 world tour including a free concert at the Coliseum in Rome. This concert drew 600,000 fans. Garfunkel chased on a solo career which had low and high points and areas of depression. He appeared on the HBO televise show Flight of the Conchords and continued to tour in 2009. Garfunkel worked at an acting career and appeared in Catch-22 (1970), Carnal Knowledge (1971), and Bad Timing in 1980. Garfunkel has also appeared in Good to Go in 1986 and the medical crime production Boxing Helena in 1993. In 2010 he had a part in The Rebound. Art Garfunkel married Linda Grossman in 1972 and they divorced in 1975. He married Kathryn Cermak in 1988 and they have two children.
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