Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter was born in Water Pig - Kuei Hai Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Anne Baxter was born on May 7, 1923 in Michigan City, Indiana. Her mother was the daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. Her family moved to New York when Anne was 11. Once in NYC, Anne decided to consider acting as a career. She appeared in a stage productions and garnered good reviews from Broadway critics. She was able to go to an exclusive acting school and in 1937 Anne moved to Hollywood to see what she could do. She returned to New York a few months later and continued to act in Broadway and summer stock. She returned to Hollywood two years later. She took a screen test and signed to a seven-year contract with Twentieth Century-Fox. In 1940 Anne made 20 Mule Team (1940) and 17 years of age Anne was in films that were high profile. Anne played in The Great Profile in 1940, Swamp Water in 1941, The Magnificent Ambersons in 1942. In 1943 she starred in The North Star and Sunday Dinner for a Soldier in 1944 was well received. Anne played Sophie MacDonald in The Razor?€™s Edge in 1946 and won an Academy Award. It was not until 1950 before Anne had another starring role in All About Eve. She garnered another Oscar nomination. She was Queen Nefertiti in the Ten Commandments in 1956. Her next film was in 1959 Season of Passion and Cimarron in 1960. Anne was in Walk on the Wild Side in 1962 and took a break from films. She appeared on stage and television. She was the star of East of Eden in 1981 and Hotel 1983. She was Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes and the Masks of Death in 1984. Anne died of a stroke in New York at the age of 62. This was on December 1, 1985. Anne was married to John Hodiak from 1946 until 1953. They had one child. She married Randolph Galt in 1960 until 1968. They had two children. David Klee was her third husband from 1977 until his death at the end of 1977.
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