Jean Claude Killy

Jean Claude Killy was born in Water Ram - Kuei Wei Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Killy was born on August 30, 1943, John-Claude Killy is a well-known skier and actor. He can be seen in the movie Copper Mountain in 1983, 10th Winner Olympic Games in 1968 and Grenoble in 1968. Killy won three gold medals in the 1968 Winter Olympics. To accomplish this goal Killy starting skiing at the young age of three. In his school years, he cut school frequently to go skiing and as a result was expelled from school when he was 15. Killy was born in Saint-Cloud, Paris, France and brought up in Val-d?€™lsere in the Alps. His father owned a ski shop and later a hotel in the French Alps. Killy hated to be shut up in classrooms so he dropped out of school to ski. He make the French national junior team at the age of 16. In 1961 Killy won his first international race. When Killy was 20 he entered all three of the men?€™s ski events at the 1964 Olympics. He was not up to form due to hepatitis and amoebic dysentery, but weeks later Killy would dominate a giant slalom race in Bavaria In 1967 Killy took the World Cup winning 12 of 17 races. In 1968 he took home three gold medals from the Grenoble, France Winter Olympics. Killy relied on his tremendous upper body strength to outwit his opponents. He was the overall champion in the 1968 season and retired in 1969. Post career, Killy signed with International Management Group, endorsed Head Skis, and endorsed Schwinn bicycles, advertised for United Airlines and Chevrolet. He was a ski instructor in the crime movie Snow Job in 1972. Killy raced cars between 1967 and 1970 and was the 7th overall in the 1967 Targa-Florio. At the age of 29, Killy competed on the pro circuit in the U.S. and won the 1973 season title. Killy was also a member of the Executive Board of the Alpine Skiing Committee of the FIS. He was co-president of the 1992 Winter Olympics and President of the Societe du Tour de France cycling. He is a member of the International Olympic Committee and is the coordination committee chairman for Sochi 2014. Killy married French actress Daniele Gaubert in 1973. They remained together until her death in 1987. They have a daughter and two children from her first marriage to Rahdames Trujillo.
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