Keith Richards

Keith Richards was born in Water Ram - Kuei Wei Year of the 60-year Cycle of the Chinese Zodiac

Musician, songwriter and singer Keith Richards was born December 19, 1943 in Dartford England. Richards love to sing as a child and performed in choirs at school. He sang at the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 as part of a choir. As his voice changed his interests also changed. At 15 he received his first guitar and devoted much of his time to his guitar. Richards was a pitiable student and was disqualified from Dartford Technical School for truancy. He attended art school, and while at art school, Richards met guitarist Dick Taylor who played in a band with Mick Jagger. Before long, Richards became a part of the group Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys. Richards found motivation in the works of Chuck Berry. Richards purchased an electric guitar and taught himself to play Berry?Äôs hits. By mid-1963 Little Boy Blue became The Rolling Stones and Charlie Watts joined as drummer. Bill Wyman joined the group and the rough and tumble band was off and running. The Rolling Stones made the British pop charts in 1964 with It?Äôs All Over Now and had their U.S. debut with That Girl Belongs to Yesterday. Satisfaction and Paint it Black soon followed. True to the rock label, Richards was arrested several times for drug related charges. In 1969 the band began to play hard rock and heroin addiction followed for Richards. In 1977 Richards was arrested carrying a large amount of heroin and cocaine in Canada. He faced a life sentence, but was allowed to enter drug rehab in the U.S. Richards struggled but made music with Some Girls (1978), fought with Jaggar, and continued on his addicted ways. In the 1982 the bad went on hiatus and Richards released his solo album Talk is Cheap. The Stones reunited for Steel Wheels in 1989 and Voodoo Lounge was another solid seller. The band recorded A Bigger Bang in 2005. In 2006 Richards feel out of a tree in Fiji, had brain surgery and claimed to be free from drugs. He had a role in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World?Äôs End (2007), and released his autobiography Life in 2010. Richards is married to Patti Hansen and they have two children. He also has three children with Anita Pallenbert.
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