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Chinese Astrology Wood Ram

Chinese Astrology Personality Horoscope for Wood Heavenly Stem and Ram Earthly Branch of the Sixty-Year Cycle of energy Rebirth Calendar.

The 2015 Yi Wei year or the Green Wood Sheep (Ram) year in Chinese astrological traditionally described as "Sheep Respected by Others". Starting from February 19 2015 it is an industrious and honest period with respect and trust towards colleges and friends. Read more about 2015 year:

Wood Ram Personality

People born under the sign of the Ram according to the Chinese Zodiac are sensitive and empathetic. A Ram usually takes on the feelings of people around him or her, which allows him or her to be very sympathetic. In fact, Ram people make great therapists or counsellors, because they have a great talent for understanding exactly what another person is feeling.

According to the Chinese horoscope, people born under the sign of the Ram are very sensitive and have their feelings hurt easily. Since Rams also tend to be a tad gullible, this can end badly for them. They may trust people too easily, and as a result and up getting very hurt. Rams need friends and loved ones to look out for them and warn them of scam artists or other people who may try to take advantage of them.

In general, Ram people do better in interdependent relationships. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Ram are natural nurturers, who enjoy taking care of their friends and family with lots of love and emotional support, but Rams need help also.

They live in a realm of emotion and creativity, and aren't always able to be practical when it comes to holding a steady job or managing a budget. Therefore, Ram people do best when partnered with a more practical mate who would benefit from the Ram's sensitive qualities.

Rams love to surround themselves with luxury, like fine fabrics and beautiful decorations. This makes a Ram the ideal person to coordinate your home's decor, but it can be hard on the household finances, because those born under the Chinese sign of the Ram cannot always stop themselves from overspending. If you share a household with a Ram, it is a good idea to set up strict guidelines for spending money for every family member.

People born under the sign of the Ram who are tempered by the element of Wood are more outgoing than the average Ram. According to the Chinese Zodiac, these Wood Rams love to be at the center of a busy group of friends. Obviously the Ram's instinct to nurture is well fulfilled in such a large group, because there is never a lack of drama, nor suffering players who need the Wood Ram to lend a sympathetic ear.

Even more than other Rams, Wood Rams are vulnerable to manipulation. They are so generous with their time and so sympathetic to the plights of others that unscrupulous people may try to use them for their own ends, and the naive Wood Ram will fall for it. Wood Rams may end up spending all of their time and energy of someone with a string of sad stories, even to the neglect of themselves and their own family. It would very much benefit Wood Rams to cultivate the ability to take a step back and evaluate these claims from others, so that they don't burn out taking care of other people who don't really deserve or need it.

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j. fen bauer 2015-02-18 23:39:28
fascintating. do the Chinese know this? because they're all celebrating today.
Alex 2015-02-14 03:54:12
The year of the wooden ram commenced on Feb 4, 2015. All new Chinese zodiac year commences on Feb 4th of each calendar year and not on Chinese Lunar New Year.

The Chinese Zodiac is based on Yang calendar not lunar calendar.

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